Developer Update?


Leave those ragers be, they just wanna ruin the forums


Okay that’s fine. all we wanted is a little communication from the dev team. Thank you for letting us know!


I know, I’m just being facetious since the last couple events have been a disappointment, last years Halloween event update was a copy paste, and recently a lot of the patches haven’t actually done much outside of fix bugs that should have been fixed a very long time ago.

My salt level is elevated, so felt the need to dish some out and share.


Thank you lord, your words are as wise as usual.


Please talk to us more. We feel so shut out and unheard.


Thank you jeff, im sorry i doubted you…


Thanks for taking the time to inform us <3 Looking forwards to the new PTR, if it has a dev update with it it must be something really good!



Poor Bastion…


Every european country like the one where i live


Thanks for updating everyone.

I also hope that the confusion over Pursuit being banned, or OverTrack being unknown if it’s banned or not, will be resolved soon. I can completely understand why Visor was banned however. Pursuit and OverTrack don’t provide live in-game tips/advice so if both of those are banned then I find that confusing (I know Pursuit is banned at least).

I also hope that the PTR or developer update brings some good news about Mercy’s horrible rework.


I am looking. Monday is the first day of the week. Sunday is the last. Always.


pharah main here and still waiting. thats killing me.


I’m guessing we got Jebaited yet again.


Guess we will wait a little bit more.


I have never been this hype for a dev update before. Dont keep us waiting!


The pinned message regarding the previous PTR thread that was pinned until earlier today (something about console aim assist) was just removed.
Maybe this is an indication they are preparing to release a new one.


I haven’t see patch notes or anything updated in the Announcements part of the forums since “Capture the Flag is Disabled” where do I even find this information now?


Any tiny minute change such as that is enough to get me excited. All aboard the hype train. Choo choo. :tram:


Well there you go, Torb rework incoming!