Developer Update is now live (VIDEO Included) - Torb Rework, Halloween Event, Future Plans


They cited technical difficulties. You are widening the goalposts. You said there was nothing other than Torb rework, when there was more.
And you complain about a quality of live update for people with colorblindness?


I’m happy that they didn’t go on about owl.


And at least they said there won’t be a new game mode instead of not telling us that on summer games.
I’m excited for the balance changes and the rework :grin:


So Daddy Torb is his own Daughter’s Counter?
Is this what happens when your daughter acts up and you need to ground her?


Knowing that there will be nothing new for the Halloween event except cosmetics is kind of a let-down to me. I was really hoping there’d be some diversity to one of my favorite events - just ANYTHING.

At least give us some all heroes modes with infinite waves. I’d be okay with that. But not the same thing over and over. Not trying to be ungrateful, I love their seasonal skins, but there’s only so much a mere skin can do to satisfy the consumer, I suppose. :confused:

Looking foward to the other changes, though. Especially how Torb’s gonna feel to be played/played against once he hits live. Can’t agree Symmetra was such a success. Her primary is terrible. Plus she’s still considered a troll pick and people get reported for playing her. Maybe it’s also that stigma some characters won’t ever get rid of no matter how often they were reworked… Hm.


Now we are in trouble.
Youll have to defend your title, on an armwrestling contest.


Blizzard really likes putting ultimates on E, right? Likely low creativity, because that never changes anything. Or they want to make the sprays and other from the heroes still relevant?

EDIT: Whoopsie-doopsie i’m a moron


It appears that version 1.29 is not yet live. If anyone on the development team or community team who happens to be reading this can confirm or not if this new patch is going live today (Friday 9/21), that would be appreciated. Cheers! (^^)v


The torb rework sounds promising. Torb teammates can actually be relied on for damage now (hopefully) and the ult sounds awesome for shutting down GOATS and other nonsense that torb’s daughter sets up.
Wasn’t 100% behind all the hero changes lately, but I must admit that they’ve set up a meta that is constantly in flux now (instead of just being one thing like Dive).

Some QoL changes I’d like would be for last match stats to always be available, more comparative stat tracking available in-game(especially since Blizz now prohibits the use of Pursuit), and an option to toggle hero portraits in the Tab menu to show the skins equipped, and for FFA Deathmatch to be a permanent mode (for mechanics practice).

Absolutely LOVING the Overwatch League; hope they start streaming it next season on YouTube (b/c Twitch cannot stream on a Samsung TV if you have an Apple phone but YT can). Excited to see the new patch in action!


That’s great and all but what about actual content? All of this is balancing replacing abilities and stuff. When are we going to get something that feels new and helps the repetitiveness?


We’ll see how it goes but stuff he said in this like “the Symmetra rework was a success” or “the changes we did to the support class were a success” mehhhh.


I want to see what they are going to do for Orisa, 76 and Cree.


Pharah changes? Hell yeah higher skill cap but less splash and (more direct damage? maybe enough to be a threat to doomfist?), should solve a lot of problems, I like it.

Torb? as long as he gets some snarky voice lines to his (profanity) of a daughter when he breaks her ult, I love and hate this, since it will be another hard thing for tanks to deal with. ***pulls out what remains of hair

Balancing can’t comment on since not able to try.

Colorblind/horroween = meh, since i don’t care about events and am not colorblind.

QoL changes are always welcome.

Feature delay is alright, even though we really need it, but even just apologizing and laying it out honest means the world to (me/ a lot of people in my play group)


For anyone missing it, Uncle Geoff has posted details of the Torb rework in a sticky post here:


I LIVE for those Halloween and Christmas themed maps


It seems like they’re using torb to nerf brigitte which is pretty funny honestly


I am very tempted to fan-art this to be honest.


I fear some “images” will arise when you do.
Not you, just in general.


It seems my firewall suggestion has been implemented :

Feel free to pick any other suggestion in that list :ok_hand:


You really have a bit of an English comprehension issue eh?

The goalposts are not moving, they provided no information, “technical issues” is a catch all with no specifics. They gave no hint as to what they are trying just that something isn’t working. Wow totally worthy of a dev update.

And again, if your comprehension was up to par you’d know that saying CB mode, affecting a very very minor part of the playerbase is not a complaint. I’m stating that they added that in to buffer an anemic dev update.

Dev updates have always been reserved for large updates. The rework is the only thing worthy of a dev update but, that alone is not worth the time. This all could’ve easily been done via a forum post (like they did with specifics). Dev updates are mainly meant as a “state of the game” video, everything provided in the video doesn’t have anything to do with, or any updates on the state of the game. Just a rework.

Just because you are enamored by mediocrity doesn’t mean the rest of us should be happy with it.