Dev: majority of players did not play the meta

… yet majority of players get restricted because OWL and GM players …

Hero pools should only be a thing for master, gm and OWL … NOT the casual players. I hope this stupid decision gets reverted after some weeks.

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They already addressed this and said they are more than willing to tweak or outright remove it, no need to be so aggressive…


You usually have some version of the meta. You might not see full tank comp in bronze because you simple don’t need the full comp to execute in the lower ranks.

You will still see people steam rolling with core parts of the comp in bronze

No … one season is already enough to make more casual players leave who are just fed up with it.

They want to make people watch more OWL because now there are even no tokens … fine … but dont ruin the game for the rest.

Also banning 2 dps heroes is hilarious … should be at least 4dps heroes …

I have never watched it and I been playing since launch. Also to clarify. It’s literally a test season, like Role Queue beta season. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be implemented. The fact that they even said if they feel that it’s a bad idea they can tweak it or remove it as a whole. Don’t be so negative when we haven’t even experienced it yet