Desperate for players that understand "team"

i’m looking for older (30+) that understand that ow is a TEAM based game, 5 shooters isn’t gonna win much. nobody wants to tank or heal, and it’s frustrating. i haven’t played ranked in a while, i’m bronze4.
that said, if you’re like-minded and looking for players, coffeeblack#11772 on battlenet.


Hey there, I saw your post and I thought I might message you. I’m not quite near 30 just yet, but I agree with your philosophies, and think that I have a pretty good grasp of what you’re talking about. I’m very willing to receive criticism in the case that I don’t, and think that I may be able to give some too, if you feel up to that. I already sent you an add, but if that doesn’t reach you I hope this will.

hey- sorry for the delayed response, i’m not in the community very often, just saw your post. the game sucks when playing alongside ppl that just don’t understand the philosophy of the game. it’s driven me to playing more vs ai because, if i can’t play ON a balanced team, at least i can learn to play against one.
i’d also like to start playing comp next season, but won’t do it with a bunch of rando players that all wanna be shooters. let’s play; i’m sure i can learn from you, maybe vice versa. seeya in game.

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I’m interested. What’s your gamertag and rank?

i’m 4 star bronze, 2/3 of the way to 5.

Hi mate , add me TechNoir #21443

im a bronze tank , gold sup and silver DSP but never play DPS.

However i do like to play mostly Doom which at bronze seems to get everyones back up but if you want to team hit me up