Deranking after 7 wins

Okay why is it that when I win 7 games did I go back a tier? I thought winning 7 was supposed to promote you up and 20 losses was supposed to kick you down. But the last 2 times I should have ranked up I didn’t. The first time I stayed the same so I thought oh maybe I hit 20 losses and it deranked me and I didn’t notice, fair enough now I’m back to where I was. Now I’ve been tracking how many games I win/lose and I won 7 lost 4 but for some reason went backwards a tier. I don’t know why its done this, but it makes me not ever want to play competitive again if I’m going to derank no matter what I do. Im almost done with this game. Ive been an avid fan of this game for years and stuck with it even through the past couple years but this is a slap in the face and needs to be fixed soon. Otherwise this game will lose its fanbase and die out.


dependes very much how you perform yourself individual.


The calculation should be the same for every rank: Addressing the Bronze 5 issue all in one thread

7 wins doesn’t guarantee a rank up, it depends on how many games you won.

Why would you think this?

I read your post, but I don’t think it works the same as the old system. OP said they won 7 and lost 4 and ranked down, according to your post they should of gone up 90SR. I myself ranked up from bronze to gold with sub 50% win rate as well.

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Flats has an entire video dedicated to how SR and MMR works.
The underlying system is still the same, it just has a new coat of paint.
Losing a match still makes you lose [xx] amount of SR, winning a match still gives you [xx] amount of SR, the difference between the old and the new system is that you can’t see the number and instead they spread it out into 5 brackets.

Platinum is still 2500-2999 for example, but instead of seeing 2678 you see Plat 3 now for example. If you play 13 games and win 7 it will still mean that you lost 6 matches for example, and just like in the old system that means that you might not have gotten a lot of points which means instead of 2678 you are now 2690, that’s higher in Plat 3 but still considered Plat 3.

And next to SR we have the MMR system which tries to pull together a team that has a 50/50% chance of winning based on performance, damage, deaths, etc. It’s too much to explain but it’s basically the system that puts you together with other team mates.

I completely understand the confusion people have about the system because Blizzard is absolutely terrible at explaining it, the only thing that really happened is that they gave it a new coat of paint and got rid of the actual number, other than that it’s [mostly] the same system.

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Yes I’ve seen the video, but my experience of the game so far doesn’t match up with what he says. You realise he’s just guessing the same as everyone else is. I’m not saying SR doesn’t exist in the background, but how it’s awarded seems very different.

Two possibilities:

  • OP is still in placement matches, adjusting to his/her real rank, hence the big up/down
  • OP start counting win at the first win but had lost couple of games prior.

Even under the old OW1 matchmaker 1 loss can wipeout 3-4 wins in SR gains. Now add performance ratings to the mix and your basically never going to rank unless your go on massive winstreaks.

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Simple solution… play rocket league or fortnite


I’ve always thought having a personal rating for a team-based game is kind of silly. I wouldn’t take comp play too seriously, I have an account that has 5 prestige on it that gets placed in bronze. I have another account that has 1 prestige on it and it gets placed in gold. They have always been bad at this because the game isn’t like “Starcraft” which is how they got the ranking system where you 1v1 your way through the ratings, its a 5v5 game they should have a “Team Ranking” system like in WoW Arena. You should be able to form a team have flex positions for other people who don’t make the main team and join that. Would make the game far more friendly, and community-based then how it is now which is pretty toxic and not logical when it comes to ranking. Instead they want to piss everyone off and then record your voice chat and call you racist or what ever when you are in the heat of the moment.

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Winning doesn’t mean you played at a higher level. You can play at a lower level and still win. You have 4 other teammates :wink:

I just went from bronze 1 after 7 wins to Bronze 3. Like. WHAT THE HEK. I’m so angry right now. What is this system. so 20 losses and you’ll go down, 7 wins and you might stay the same, maybe go up, and apparently possibly derank. What is the point of mentioning how many wins does anything. I’m so infuriated right now. It makes sense to be like ok you lose 20 obviously you aren’t ready for this rank and go down. But 7 wins and you should go up. What is all this stay the same and derank crap if you WIN. I think I’m going to uninstall. So trash.

How many did you lose before winning 7 though? It’s not 7 wins go up 20 go down. It’s the same old SR system from OW1 just hidden and replaced with rank icons. I agree it’s a terrible system. It’s always been bad and hiding it is not going to make it better. But it’s a rank adjustment. Winning 7 doesn’t mean you’ll go up if you’ve lost 10 matches along the way.