Deranked when yall said u did away with it

I ended season 3 master 3 on support and then I log in to see that i did not receive masters rewards, the comp points nor the title. and then it shows that i deranked to diamond 5 which is hella frustrating. i thought u guys did away with the deranking? SO, why did i not even get the rewards for where i ended last season. its super demotivating to just see all the hard work go away. idk if this is a bug or intended, but my other friends didnt derank. so why?..

Guess it’s your new “estimated” SR?

Most of the accounts I play actually ranked up. Sometimes from Plat to Master lmao.

Some even to GM.

Current Issues

  • We are investigating an issue where Season Three end-of-season final ranks were modified causing lower tier rewards issued for some players, and for current rankings to have wrongly decayed. Players who reach their next Competitive Update should receive their expected ranks.

I hate this too.
However, I think this is due to your rank being actually adjusted after every match, not just with the “visible for you” Rank Update after 5 wins.
Edit: seems like Synkz listed the actual reason.

So say you were masters 3 on the end, but then lost 3 games, and your actual ranking were adjusted down to Dia 5 (while you could still see only your Masters 3 rank due to no Rank Update).

i dont think thats the case, cuz i got to masters 3 and just didnt play support after, and it still decayed… so idk.

Not enough people are seeing this

Overwatch 2 Known Issues - April 11, 2023

There are a few things that happened with the transition from season 3 to season 4. Some of these were intended, some unintended, and one only affected some GM3+ players:

  1. Some players at the top of GM were rank inflated. They pushed a fix for this that could lower the SR of some players who were GM3+.

  2. They (unintentionally) implemented rank decay for any accounts that logged in to the game during the first hour or so of the season. So players who logged in during that first hour were rank decayed. But they caught this and pushed a fix through within about an hour, so players who did not log in during that first hour were not rank decayed.

  3. Players who were (unintentionally) rank decayed got lower rewards. They are looking to implement a fix for this, but it’s not simple and they have no timetable for it. (I could say more about this one, but that’s the short version.)

  4. They’ve put in a fix for the players who were unintentionally rank decayed- after your first re-rank you should see your new rank that is closely aligned with your MMR, just as the players who did not log in during that first hour have already seen.

So… anyone who logged in early got rank decayed and got rewards for Season 3 based on that false rank. For these players, the first re-rank should display their correct rank. But the rewards fix might not come for some time.

Hope that clears things up.

ahh ok. thanks for clarification.