Demon hunter sombra

Ok im kinda mad, i just got the 50$ ticket to get the genji skin… because i thought it was going to be a item that you can only get rignt now… but now i see that demon hunter sombra is in the event and ypu can get it for free.

Did i just waste my money on a skin that i could of gotten for free.

Edit: Thank you for telling me guys, i was worried.

Nope, genji and sym are staying exclusive, from what I know…


DH Sombra clearly stated on the ticket for it, that it would be obtainable at a later date, the Genji and Sym skins clearly state it is ticket exclusive


Last year there was a small text on the BlizzCon website indicating the Demon Hunter Sombra skin would be made available in 2019. We do believe this year’s BlizzCon skins are 100% exclusive to the 2019 Virtual Ticket.

If you want the Genji and Symmetra BlizzCon skins, do not hesitate to buy this year’s Virtual Ticket.


Sombra was stated to be a timed exclusive while genji and sym are limited. Also the ticket this year was 40, not 50

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The stuff from 2018 said it would come out to others in 2019

The stuff from 2019 is 100% exclusive

The ticket at the time said it would be available at a later date. No one knew when, however.

Genji and symmetra? did i miss a reveal?

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Yeah i got the ticket just for the skins, they are awesome.

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I mean it wasnt exclusive but kinda misleading Id be upset too if i spent 50$ lmao

Genji and Symmetra are limited time exclusive. Demon Hunter was timed exclusive. It said so on the fine print of the blizzcon ticket of 2018


The skins for this years blizzon will be behind a paywall, so rest assured your illidan genji and nightelf sym skins will be exclusive.

But honestly i am seeing so many of these threads. Please read the text that accompanies what you are purchasing.

I swear this Sombra skin just shows how little people actually read before pulling out their wallet.

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So working as intended? At least it wasn’t Mathael Reaper and Auriel Mercy. I would be pissed.

How is missleading when they clearly write down that its not gona be exclusive.

Only reason to be upset is by people who dont read what they buy. Or people who expect blizzard to lie to playerbase
Do you think they should start lie to us?

Oh, they definitely tried to keep it under the radar. It would have been really easy to not know one way or the other because they did not really go out of their way to make sure it was clear.

Under radar? By posting it on site with ticket? And i think it was also on twitter but i might be wrong because i dont use that place a lot.

Lesson to not buy stuff you dont know i guess. Same for people who got this game and complain that its not only aim game, when first gameplay was shown before game was out, and there was alredy symm and rein in there.