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Allowed / Not allowed would have been to much work eh?


take the passive aggressive attitude somewhere else where it’s wanted, thanks.


I, like many others, wish the UI was improved so people didn’t feel the need to use pursuit (I refuse to use it myself) but why are you sending ban notices to players while the OWL team Fusion is telling people to use the application?


Their game, their rules.
They deemed it illegal, so it doesn’t matter that OWL players use/advertise it.


Sounds like a team is breaking code of conduct.

Correct, both of those applications are NOT permitted.

Thank you.


But… why no Pursuit? It makes no sense. How are you even going to check if someone has it? Is there a Punkbuster for that? I don’t understand what’s going on at all.


Can you give an insight to why Pursuit is not permitted?

I can understand Visor, but Pursuit just showed stats from the games you’ve played.

Pursuit were also partners with the Philadelphia Fusion and Angry Titans, not to mention the Canada, France, and Australian Overwatch teams.


Are you guys thinking of adding a match history to the game? Cause that’s why I used visor, to help with vod reviews and have a match history. You are literally taking away another feature for me.


Does it show stats from your match?
If so, it must collect the data from the game. Seems like they don’t want any third program to interfere with the game in any way.

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Because most of the players don’t have it and it gives people who do have it an unfair advantage.

It doesn’t interfere, though! It barely catches who wins which match most of the time! Who cares? It’s not interference, it’s just spectating at worst!

That’s Blizz’s problem, not ours.

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Maybe, but if it does in fact read the stats from the game, it means it has access to them.

Imagine if someone took the code of Pursuit, which is a legal app in the game’s “mind”, and modified it slightly to use it as a chead.

Idk how possible is that, but it just seems like they want to get rid of all 3rd party apps.


They are in breach with the Blizzard End User License Agreement regarding the use of third-party programs.

It isn’t really possible; they’re just trying to get rid of 3rd party apps because they’re jealous people are working on this game more than them. Heaven forbid someone works on it at all, especially to provide tips and stats.


Which is why they’re addressing said problem now by making it clear that they will punish those who use it.

If you continue to use it, and get punished, now the ball’s back in your court. Not Blizzard’s fault you ignored the rules.


Apparently Blizz is ignoring their own rules.

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This is from the Discord for Pursuit. Something tells me the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.


oh let me link that


so why isnt overtrack listed as well? persuit gives you post game stats and also tells you what your weaknesses were during the match so you know what to work on to help you improve as a player. persuit isnt even close to visor.


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