Definitive Mercy Poll

This isn’t very definitive, like I voted rework but I’m solidly in the mass rez should have never existed camp. I assume that others who voted similarly are wrong may disagree.

If everyone is saying what they have voted, then I will do that as well.

I voted “she’s fine?”.

Mercy is currently pretty balanced.
She has a decent pickrate. (Only in GM is it low.)
She also has a above 50% winrate in plat and above, just like most heroes.
Her average healing is on par with the other main healers.

I really don’t see why she should be reworked and I’m surprised many voters want that.

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Thank you for your in depth discussion of No’s and statements that don’t contribute at all.

Are you really that blind to the real issues that mercy is facing or?

are you not listening at all?

you’ve been in a lot of mercy threads I find it hard to believe you don’t understand why they dislike current mercy.

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Well you seem nice.

No. I don’t see the "real’ issues Mercy is facing.
Statistically does she looks fine to me.
There is no reason for her to be reworked again if you’d ask me

But I am curious why players want a second rework.

Have I?
(No really, have I?)

I don’t hate nor like Mercy. She’s just another hero for me.
That’s why I want to know why they hate the current Mercy.
And if the “real” problems are valid reason for a second rework.

Her average stats right now don’t look horrible, but when you start to look at her stats across different skill tiers you’ll start to see that they look about the same no matter the rank, and that’s a problem. There’s far less difference in stats between a Bronze Mercy and a GM Mercy than for other heroes I’ve looked at, which is just the numbers showing what people have been complaining about with her kit all along: Mercy doesn’t provide enough opportunity for skill expression to her player.

It takes skill to play Mercy. There is a difference between a Bronze Mercy and a GM Mercy and those small differences do matter, but current Mercy players are not rewarded for their performance proportionally to the reward that other healers earn for performing well. She is the only hero in the game who cannot “pop off”. Mercy gameplay never shows excellence. Her gameplay is limited to either adequacy or failure.

The reason why so many people want mass res back is because it provided that opportunity for excellence, that hero moment that might even get replayed for everyone at the end of the game. There could be other ways to capture that feeling, but we already had something that worked, and until we have a replacement people are going to remain bitter about Blizzard taking their favorite toy away.


this thread pretty accurately depicts peoples issues they have with current mercy.

You’ll find worse out there though yes i’d say im fairly nice.

Then youll enjoy the linked thread.

its a good long read so grab some milk and cookies.

It’s a poll.

God, who triggered you.


Theres a linked poll though?

Which I also voted on. Why can’t I share my opinion?


You don’t give any reasoning other then “no I don’t think so”

polls are where the restrictive answers should go.


Just don’t argue with him/her/it
they thrive on pointless discussions

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Leave other threads that you couldn’t debate on out of this.

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Sorry? Is that not good enough? The poll only asked one question, in which you could only pick 1 option.

I’m answering the questions the OP asked me. If you have a problem with that… then don’t. I don’t know what your problem is.

This sums you up tbh. If you want people to agree with you, being rude isn’t the way to go. Do you ever stop and think to yourself, ‘Why do Mercy mains have a bad rep?’.

Well, you’re a stunning example. Nothing but YOUR opinion can be accepted, and nothing but YOUR opinion is right.


Keep in mind that those who felt most strongly about their dislike for the first rework have voted by quitting the game and forgetting about Overwatch, so the high pro rework/revert results would be even higher if we were to sample everyone who has ever played OW.

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A lot of them still use the forums. Tbh, if they quit just because of one hero being cough ‘unplayable’ then that’s their problem.

It’s not unplayable, it’s just not the same hero they invested over a year in. I’m sure Blizzard has those stats in terms of overall playtime and spending.

But it is the same hero,with the same base kit,she even got an extra ability.
The only thing that changeg is the ult,that doesn’t offer instant gratification for simply pressing Q.

But even then, if they only played because of Mercy that’s a) Sad and b) Their problem. You should never only play Overwatch because of one hero, because when that hero gets nerfed. You’ve had it. People like that are just unhealthy for the game.

Is “I don’t care enough” an option?