Defense Matrix Update: Season 10 and Beyond

Defense Matrix Update: Season 10 and Beyond

Learn about upcoming changes to Overwatch that help get friends playing together while cutting down disruptive behavior.

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We’ll be introducing new player surveys into Overwatch 2.

This is brilliant it’ll be so nice to be able to give feedback inside of the game!

I had an interesting idea kind of unrelated but wanted to put it out there - I think this would hugely benefit budding OW2 content creators:

  • What if you could feature your Twitch or YouTube account on your Overwatch profile in game? And if someone clicks on it then it would open externally in your browser just like with the news links on the home screen? Additional integration like that would be amazing!

I do hope you add native mouse and keyboard support maybe to Console and sort by input method pool?

This would help friends to play together across platforms (without being at a disadvantage in the lobby)!



The defense matrix update should be putting it back to 15 meters


SO Aaron keller…

1 ) Why are you not addressing the first CORE issue of the game. Please explain why 17 out of 20 matches in a day at peak hours are STEAM ROLL FACE STOPS in QUICKPLAY OPEN Q.

2 ) Please explain WHY ORD1 Players are being forced to play in LAS1 and LAX servers with VERY poor latency DURING ON PEAK hours and wanting to force players to play in UNPLAYABLE matches due to 55ms+ latency …

3 ) Why are you ALLOWING new accounts to play with people that are experienced community players.

4 ) Why are you sub-leasing servers from data centers with known hardware issues. (Thank you traceroute and glasswire). … and a few other non-mentions.

5 ) Where is the “gate keeping” to have cost to play an account, so we can smooth out the rough edges of account creation…

Just saying, your systems are absolutely for a better term…

Are really bad.

You have high expectations out of us. But you have such a low bar for yourselves there at blizzard, your whole infrastructure system is really really bad, and there isn’t an excuse for it. You aren’t even running out of Tier IV datacenters.



If match making was better, you’d probably have a lot less frustration in your playerbase.


Looks promising, but I think most people will still report after the game and not during it. Player surveys for random players are a good thing, but I would like to have a more open survey also where people could give feedback.

Most of the time its not a MM issue. The new comp system is prove that even balanced games are terrible unbalanced. Why? Hero picks, choices and synergy as well as attitude. This is nothing they can detect. OW will always feel unbalanced, no matter how good the MM is.


Better matchmaking = less reporting


We finally get more avoid slots :eyes: Also removing chat for spectators and level 0 players sounds great to me

Too bad I’m still too wary to use chat due to the apparent risk of false report abuse. Can we please address that sometime soon? Maybe I would consider occasionally turning it back on then. Also, knowing whether or not my own reports are actually being looked at would be nice, seeing as I haven’t seen the “thank you for reporting” message in over two years

Looking forward to maybe doing some surveys though. That sounds promising


I liked the 10 avoid slots. Everything else, they are doubling down on the stuff that aren’t a problem, instead of solving the MM issues. 48 hours penalty will just make people leave your game forever.


Encouraging reports mid game sound more toxic than helpful. You have a teammate which does 1 mistake thats an instant report. If you wait until the end of the match, that player can still prove that they werent trolling on purpose.


im kinda wishing they would clean up the mess they created and make things work a bit better.

1 ) starting with handling of New accounts. keeping them from playing in the core community unless they are INVITED by 1 other person. 2+ and they should not be allowed due to match making issues, until 50-75 hours of gameplay are achieved.

2 ) We do need to address asking money for accounts in this game, so the game can earn money and pay for more content releases.

3 ) We need to be able to switch OFF “Cross play”

4 ) We need to be able to address discretion of servers for “out of region play” where we can select our regional servers like we did in World of Warcraft.

I think it can get there, but its not “there” quite yet.

the LPs are still absurd considering they are running Tier 1 servers that are very low quality machines.


Currently there is a tendency within the community to do this thing called “ Cope reporting”. Making an easier way to report will only make this worse. People spam report people when in reality they’ve done nothing wrong and accounts get warned/suspended for something that is not an actual violation! Please look into the issue of people spam reporting and have a better review system for what is a violation and what isn’t. It is very hard to know what is and isn’t allowed anymore.
Perhaps it would also be a good idea to edit the code of conduct to be more precise on what is a violation and follow that.

Mainly the issue is people spam reporting with no repercussions. That needs to be handled!


When one team has 2-4x the elims as the other team, something is wrong.

And this is not a rare event. Stomps have became the norm, not the exception.

Playing with players at my skill level should not be a big ask.

And it wasn’t like this in the past. Something changed. And whatever that something is, it’s not working.


Terrible decisions Mr.Keller


Be nice if they just showed the ranks of the actual players in matches instead of trying to hide this stuff.

Now you will be in a match with someone who has a fake battletag, grouped with someone from a rank you don’t know and you won’t know their rank either.

Sounds like it won’t work. People can just get a SIM card and smurf and just play with their friends in their actual rank.


player survey in game? ook, but… you shoud buff seriously the attention of communities in as many countries as possible :world_map:. Currently I see countries like Poland, Spain and Italy (my country) where there is an almost total lack of media attention and details in the game. even in my country we have started to notice that tickets no longer have any response if you ask something in Italian and some say that they have been closed without anyone having taken care of them.

how can I feel like giving good nfeedbakc if I reply in Italian for my suggestions (you know, I’m better at responding with my own language) but behind the team no one would listen to me because evidently there’s noinvestment in my country and my language in the game also in assistance lately? :face_exhaling:

If you need to improve the survey system, please first help coordinate the teams between the various countries in the languages in which the game is supported. otherwise the only ones who will be listened to will be Americans, Koreans and French.


Stomps will happen even when everyone is of the same skill level. It’s how the game is designed, and it even happens in pro matches. It doesn’t frustrate me, because I can always fill a list of things we could’ve done better, not just “oh well team diff”. Little things can quickly roll into big things in this game. Matchmaking is rarely the issue.


Overall, seriously, it’s a good direction :

-add more slots to avoid (if only, we can avoid all KSA players but nevermind)
-add surveys to talk about games and how to improve
-for rank, I just hope we can climb without play VS permissive group (as a Solo player). Just ask if play with a teamate who got 2 levels is ok to climb together (Gold player with silver player)
-Level endorsement 0 ? OK but I hope we don’t play with them (avoided or not)
-Just feared about my connection. 2 leaves and 5 minutes ban ? Yep, I must do something about this…

Just few things devs maybe add :
-the graphic about heroes who less/most played and win/lost, or a site who get informations
-add more information about reporting (name and how long he gets the punishment)


So if I understand, now it will be more easy to do false reports?
When are you implementing a system that allows to protect players against false reports? I’m not spending money in a game where risk of getting banned is very high.

Also those leaver penalities are still to soft…


While I agree with making penalty harsher for leaving… I don’t think the 2-games tier should go live.

Also some of them are quite harsh, it might realistically skyrocket the level of throws in games.