Defense Matrix – Driving Positivity in Overwatch

Defense Matrix – Driving Positivity in Overwatch

In our latest update, see how we have made an impact to stop cheating and disruptive play in Overwatch 2.

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Excellent. It’s great to see that steps are being taken to drive positive change!

With that said I would like to make some suggestions.

I strongly believe one of the priorities right now should be to make Overwatch 2 more accessible to more players across more platforms. Great strides forward were made with free-to-play, cross-progression and cross-platform support.

Mouse and keyboard support on console seems to be the next logical step.

I believe despite any difficulties in its implementation this is worth the development effort as it would bring the communities of console and PC players together more than ever before as well as allow console players to compete in the more active tournament scene on PC. It leads to greater engagement as well as higher revenue overall both of which are crucial for a free-to-play title.

So how would it work?

Quite simply when a mouse and keyboard is connected to a console the player is put into the PC pool.

In the interest of fairness and given that the viewing distance to the screen is typically closer when using a mouse and keyboard on a desk setup, field of view would also be changed to match the standard PC FOV. Furthermore when a mouse and keyboard is plugged in V-Sync would be disabled in order to reduce input latency.

Console manufacturers including Microsoft now openly support mouse and keyboard so there has never been a better time for this.

In the article you touch on the importance of inclusivity. I cannot stress enough how important it is to provide the player the ability to use the input device of their preference. As someone with a disability in my hands using a controller is very uncomfortable however I still prefer many of the conveniences that come with a console.

This would also go some way to reduce some though by no means all of the players that choose to use a XIM. While it is true that some of these players use it purely to gain an advantage there are others who simply find a mouse and keyboard to be more comfortable and have no other option.

We have also seen reports of a bug causing many players to be banned due to some kind of system error. It seems to me that this should be addressed with some urgency.

What are you doing to prevent or resolve false positive bans in these cases and is it enough? Are these cases being reviewed properly by a human? It appears there is no recourse for someone who is mistakenly flagged by the system and quite frankly it is distressing that one’s account could be taken down at any moment due to this. As of yet there has been no comment or acknowledgement from Blizzard about this matter and it is very concerning.

As one final suggestion - in the article you touch on the topic of encouraging skill development. I would make the following suggestion: Top 500 players can optionally set their replays list public for anyone to view from their profile. This way anyone could visit the top 500 leaderboard and view how their favorite heroes are played by these players.

I also very much hope you will bring back the replay viewer for this season of Overwatch League.

Despite any criticisms or gripes I may have I wish to thank Blizzard for making an amazing game and I will continue to make suggestions to make it truly the best game it can be!



Please don’t tie the hero progression to competitive only. Many of us don’t play comp.


OW3 will likely be an Xbox/PC only game since Microsoft will own them in a couple months.

That was a typo but I do have some ideas for Overwatch 3 heh…


Can we get a working report system on console? Thanks!


You’ve made the game so bad, all toxic players just left it.


Them mentioning that they fixed a bug with report notifications makes me hopeful that our report system is finally functional…,

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Possible, but unlikely. Console players are red headed step children at Blizzard.

Your efforts have been absolute trash. Stop talking about improving and just be better.



I see more and the most toxic role shaming in this season than i’ve ever seen in the last 7 years

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For this game that never made sense because Overwatch is huge on console. I’d argue that’s the primary reason why Overwatch is Blizzards most successful game of all time.

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Yep. And unfortunately we can count the things they’ve done specifically for consoles on one hand. And half of those have been removed subsequently (like turret damage differences).

So does this mean the Life Weaver buffs are coming later? I assumed the control scheme fix would take longer but buffing numbers doesn’t seem that difficult.

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Can’t wait to queue in a 5 stack and mass report everyone I play against for cheating. Gotta help blizzard identify all those cheaters :fist:. If they get banned it was because they were cheating.

Surely they won’t get banned if we mass report them. Clueless.

Maybe get an actual working anti-cheat instead of relying on this dog report system.


This will be one of the biggest benefits to Microsoft purchasing Blizzard. Microsoft tends to favor Xbox over PC so I think we are going to see the prioritizing of PC first go away.

LOL not a single comment about how throwers can abuse the report system themselves. Throwers are all grouped and and mass report you for calling them out. The entire report system hurts playerbase and encourages throwers a lot more than it helps

Now address the racist and homophobic player base. How about at MINIMUM permanently banning these people from team chat in game if you refuse to hold these people accountable? Why does Overwatch openly allow racists to run their game? Does Blizzard’s Overwatch enjoy representing hate because they employ hate??

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Hey guys I like defense matrix too!

Let’s buff it back to 15 meters ok?

It’ll help with cheaters AND helping teammates :+1:


very long post that only says “we fixed the report notifications”

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