Deathmatch should NOT cancel after two leavers

We all hate back filling into deathmatch, it felt like you were thrown into something you can’t win. But not being able to get your lootboxes or any exp because it takes 5 also full length games to get 1 completed game because people leave is absurd. I like that backfill isn’t a thing, but it was better than this. If you’re going to have no backfill then there has to be actual punishment for leaving other than endorsement possibly going down, ban them from all modes after leaving too much, something, anything other than this, we’d honestly rather just have backfill.


Hey there we’re working on a server side update that will change the threshold of players required before shutdown and also properly enforce penalties for leaving. We hope to roll this out within the next couple hours.



Same for elimination when the entire 3 squad leaves.

Appreciate the update very much! As it is right now, the arcade is simply unplayable for the new recommended modes… can’t wait!


Thank you it was actually unplayable so good to hear there’s a rush patch.


Awesome. Thank you, I will try again tommorow.

Should have been rolled out with the gamemode, but okay


Thanks mate! 5 games straight people sabotage the game! When they are losing they mass quit to cause a shutdown a the last min before the win!

Should have been tested in PTR? It’s like when in ranked you have a leaver and you still manage to overcome and win 5 vs 6 just to have 1/10 of the normal reward, because well, any match with leaver will give you downgraded reward. No reason to even try.

Please remove backfill from Deathmatch entirely and stop the game from discontinuing with less than 6 players completely, joining a game that is impossible to win because the other 7 players are already + kills isn’t fun either.


doesn’t the PTR exist specifically to find these issues before something gets pushed live?

so was it a known issue that Blizzard chose to ignore or is it just that the PTR doesn’t work as intended?

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Hmm now that you mentioned! I always wondered the same about what’s the idea of joining a game where people are ahead in kills like 17-19? What the is the point behind that matchmaking? is there a reward? How come this was never addressed before?

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oooohhhh no a 75% decrease in exp. That will stop people from leaving unwinnable games. NOT, BUT it’s worth a shot


Thanks for the update!

Hopefully you guys can do something about the matchmaking for Mirror DM, I feel like a huge part of the problem with this mode is people are quitting again and again because they are getting repeatedly stomped when placed in poorly matched games. It seems like plenty of folks are playing it so hopefully you can make the matching stricter.


Really unacceptable it went live like this.

I think they had too much faith that their player base were playing it because it was a fun game mode, and not to grind out the free loot box from it.


They ARE good game modes. but kids leave when they are not good enough.

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Don’t put a threshold please. If 4 people are left they should win. I don’t know why your opponents conceding isn’t a good enough reason for you to win.


I have no doubt that you and many other legitimately like the game mode. But it also comes with a free loot box for the first win. This is going to fill the servers with a bunch of people who are going to leave as soon as they fall behind.

Once there is at least 5+ kills in the match, it should not shutdown.

There is nothing more frustrating than wasting time and the shutdown is a waste of time.

If there are less than 4 people, give the win to those four people.