Dear Rein players


This is my favorite rein scenario:

Blue ana: nanos blue rein
Blue rein: Oh cool, a nano boost! starts swinging
Red reinhardt: here we go here we go here we go shatters entire blue team

edit to those who like to give “advice”: don’t worry, I do make an effort to position myself as if my reinhardt is a bot and I do try to call out when the red team’s probably gonna shatter as often as I can, because even my good positioning won’t keep the rest of my team alive. :cry:



this is why i hate playing rein. teammates are cowards.


Another good one.
I as rein charges in and shatters most of the team.
Start swinging and flame strike.
My team still at entry to point playing with their thumbs.
I as rein get 1-2 kills before team gets up and starts hitting me.
Moria the main heals, throws a dam orb where I am swinging away.
MMMMMM heal orb would have been better, but anyhow I die.
Team, rein your sh5t, why did you charge and not keep your shield up.
Oh I don’t know, maybe because I had ult and we needed to win the point to win the game, but thanks for the follow up and the heals.

Oh don’t get me wrong, I only started playing rein this season, I am really liking it regardless of the backlash.


dear ana players,

please go play vs AI if you cannot hit a tank.
and now i’m gonna switch to dps.


Haha! Have we played with the same people? Lmao.

As someone who plays Ana, regularly, how in the [EFF!] do you miss one of the Tanks? I get if you’re trying to hit Tracer or something (especially, if she blinks), but a Tank?! That poor of aim, definitely, embodies the phrase: “you couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn”.


You forgot to add the fact that he’s also charging behind an enemy Orisa’s barrier.


There are a lot of suicidal Reins and a lot of scare kitten team mates, both situations happen a lot.

A general rule of thumb is, as a Rein, you dont charge forward.

Yeah, i know. There are many “but … but …” , i said I KNOW, ok?. You should open space jumping and slamming that hammer and then, little by little, keep guiding your team inside. If that charge forward happens, you can tell your Rein is frustrated because there is too much pressure and nothing is dying.

And for the love of god and everything that is sacred, if you are 6v6, an enemy dies and your Rein goes in, then GO IN. Yes, WE KNOW that might not be the ideal situation and that can be discussed later but if 3-4 enemies are destroying the charging Rein, thats a WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY YOU HAVE TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF AS A DPS PLAYER.


I pressed shift by accident OOPS :slight_smile:


Why should be Reinhardt’s decision for the team to move forward ? He doesn’t know what abilities are on cooldown from his teammates and most definitely, he doesn’t always keep tabs up on enemy’s cooldowns such us CC abilities.

Nowdays especially, in order for dps to commit safely the enemy has to use specific abilities first such as stun, offensive abilities of high damage like Storm arrow and the list go on.

It’s not about being a ‘coward’ and it’s not entirely up to you to decide what the team should do as if your decisions are always right.

For example, the very reason I nano a Genji when he casts the ultimate and not before is because only he knows when to go in for a good blade. I cannot possibly force him to blade whenever just for him to die. Same goes when it comes to Nano a Reinhardt.


Playing Rein doesn’t make you an automatic leader, entitlement much.


I mean, I usually expect the main tank to ‘‘lead’’ the battle with the way they make space.


I’ve also seen countless Reinhardts charging in like the OP described, leaving their team without a shield.
I guess it is really up to experience in this case. :o


Yeah entitlement and “attitude” aside, the Supports are usually the shot callers and tanks are the ones pointing targets, opening space and deciding when to go in or not.
Thats why the OPENERS (the tanks) are usually the initiators (a widow getting a pick from far can be too) and then the DPS follow, being the FINISHERS. Healers are the ENABLERS by keeping the tanks and DPS alive through the process and will call for a back out if the moment/task is overwhelming.

DPS shouldnt call anything, except weird cases : Sombra with EMP / specific hack etc.


People really seem to think that Rein’s shield just never breaks. smh

When your Rein charges in and dies, take a moment to think to yourself “Why did this happen?”

Yes, there are bad Reinhardt players who go for stupid, long distance charges and insta die from full hp because of it, but more often than not, the Rein died because of his team.

If Rein goes in on full health, the team should be trying to keep up with him. They need to utilize the space he creates. If Rein goes in on critical health, you need to ask yourself “Why was he on critical health before he went in?” Fun fact: Reinhardt’s barrier is not infinite. It breaks. Sometimes it breaks very quickly. When Rein has his shield up, you need to be with him, and use the space that barrier is providing to either get a kill or to break through the choke.

When Reinhardt’s team is taking way too long to group up and move up with him, his barrier is going to break, and he’s going to be useless. At that point, he has two options. Back up and wait for his barrier to recharge, which wastes more time, or charge in to try and get his slow, brain-delayed team to advance with him.

I’m not saying that it’s never Reinhardt’s fault. There are some incredibly bad Reinhardt players out there. However, in my experience, it’s usually not the Reinhardt’s fault.


Dear everyone else,

The only reason I’m charging right now is because I was forced onto this hero just like i have been the past 3 years and it’s really starting to get old, I have 100 hours of torture endured on a hero I have never once picked voluntarily, i need to do something or I WILL go insane from the boredom.
Just be glad i’m not being a donkey the other 99% of time.

I’m bored out of my damn mind holding this shield up just for people to ignore it and get sniped on either side of it and the dps are not doing a damn thing about this orissa that’s tearing my shield apart.

Her halt was on cooldown so I tried to handle things personally.
Of course though now i look like a twit since their lucio booped me last second and the flithy omnic got away with light shoulder barge.
If i just got a little support i might be able to reverse my error but I might as well just wait to die because our Ana seems to completely forget she has an ultimate at all as soon as she earns it, our lucio is too greedy with his ult to spare a beat for an old man, and the enemy team is unloading about 10k in ult resources into just me alone and yet still this team is too scared to even look at the W button on their keyboards.


Thank you for this. 9/10 comment.

The reason why this hanzo would’ve trashed me is because i would’ve trashed him first, whats ur excuse ?


Charge should be used sparingly and in special circumstances. But a lot of Reins seem to think it’s their best ability and they should just use it whenever possible, to go as far as possible.

Sometimes I transce next to, or nano a Rein who is like 5m away from the enemy rein, and instead of just dropping his shield and swinging from his position he almost always decides to just charge behind enemy lines and try to pin some squishy. He wastes the short duration nano or transce in the process, and gets himself killed.

I guess they do it because it’s boring playing such a slow moving hero, but that’s just stupid.


Yes, yes it does.

Not an automatic shotcaller, but an automatic leader by default applies to every single Main Tank in the game as it is LITERALLY their job.

An Off-Tank can not claim space, they can enforce the protection of space already taken- but they can not claim space.

A DPS/Support can not claim space, they will easily be picked off as they have no reliable protection.

A Main Tank can claim space, they control the battlefield in terms of which team has more ground. Who’s holding where, etc,. They can not keep that space, and as such, require a lot of healing and the damage to back it up.

Perfect example of this: Dive
Another example of this: GOATs

In Dive, Winston and D.Va will jump in and maybe get 1 pick on their own. With Discord Orb (help from a Support), they might get 2. When Genji, Tracer, or Sombra go in with them- they now have the damage to get more kills- whereas previously they did not.

In diving onto the enemy supports, the Dive Tanks have claimed space- that gives the DPS windows of opportunity to move in.

In GOATs, DPS are unnecessary because the Tanks receive such high amounts of healing and mobility (their 2 greatest weaknesses), that they can rush in and end a fight before the enemy team can react.

There are multiple counter-comps to GOATs, but you can’t run them out of spawn because you don’t know for certain that the enemy is running GOATs until after the first primary fight.

See how this works?

Main Tanks = Automatic leader


Balderich died to absolve all the toxic Reins who think are in charge, forgets to defend their supports and Bastion properly, and is busy farming ult with fire strike.


Say it louder for the DPS still in the back cus they didnt push