Dear overwatch pro players


All they need to do…

Disallow 3 supports in a team composition (kind of like how the game should have disallowed 2 snipers in a team composition so QP isn’t cancer 70% of the time too)

No nerfs needed / continued on a spiral like they keep doing for the game. Just enforce some sort of team configuration regulation where 1 person from each category must be played. You can’t have 0 support, 0 DPS, or 0 tanks in your team composition in a competitive environment.

This balance idea brought to you by 3 seconds of energy going into my brain. I’m gonna go back and turn it off now as I head back into OW or else I get these strange head aches all the time.


You don’t understand, they are paid to be the best by not doing it they are actively throwing money away.

They won’t stop running Goats when it is viable regardless of what the viewing experience is.


dear pro’s, stop playing S tier compo please, because reasons.


They are not going to have a job if the viewers lose interest and Blizzard have to terminate it all. Some critical thinking is required.

Do they keep playing what works but most of the OW community hates seeing and what Blizzard devs hate trying to nerf out repeatedly? Or do they play conscientiously and start varying their picks so that their jobs are still there for them.


Florida would still find a way to lose…


Like those Shanghai dragons or whoever, the team that never won a match.


Hey pro players, dont play meta or use the most optimal way to win a match”.
Ok dude. Its not like they are being paid to win as much as they can or anything. Whatever.


Florida mayhem is a meme team just like Shanghai dragons. Meme team’s don’t win.


It’s funny, while I dont like the lack of hero diversity, I really prefer the pace of this season’s OWL. It is so much easier to follow the action, momentum swings, etc

This is especially true relative to the end of last season with double sniper, which was awful to spectate.


They are not going to see this.


I think it might be more affective if you write to the owners of the teams.


Let me fix this for you: The heroes I like form an extremely powerful comp that you are running so you can win. Please stop this because I like these heroes and don’t want them to be nerfed.


You’re T500 you should understand the game better than I do, and you seem to grasp part of it.

It can also be solved in very specific ways. Not nerfs.

GOATs is utility based.

  • Bubble (blocks all burst damage and several ultimates until broken)
  • Defense Matrix (blocks all burst damage for 2 seconds, which can be extended for much longer if the D.Va knows what they’re doing and doesn’t hold it.
  • Reinhardt’s M2 (a giant wall of a barrier that is also MOBILE)
  • Zen’s Discord Orb
  • Lucio’s Speed Boost

Not to mention that they all counter each other in the same composition.
So the best way to counter it is mirror but played with more coordination than your enemy.

  • Zarya counters D.Va’s Defense Matrix
  • Zen’s Discord forces Zarya to purify it with Projected
  • Zarya blocks Earthshatter AND Self-Destruct with bubbles.
  • Reinhardt blocks Zen’s Discord and Self Destruct with his barrier.
  • Defense Matrix counters Graviton (by eating it).
  • Sound Barrier can block Self-Destruct.
  • Sound Barrier can negate Earthshatter if Lucio isn’t stunned.
  • Transcendence can negate Earthshatter (potentially bodyblock it too?).

I forgot to include Brig but you get my point.
It’s utility stacking.
Lucio should be on Speed 85% of the time.


ProTeam1: Okay, we dont play Goats
ProTeam2: Plays Goats and steamrolls ProTeam1


My top 3 list of overpowered heroes are, in no particular order: Zarya, Lucio, Zenyatta. I didn’t put Reinhardt on the list because I think he’s more than fine if he isn’t paired with Zarya and Lucio specifically. I’d put Widow in here too, but she falls under poor game design rather than numerical balance.

“tanks” are not overpowered. Zarya is just out of line. Her ultimate is too good for how easy it is to get, her energy mechanic is too easy to use and too forgiving to warrant such a high power level attached to it, and the strength of her right click far outweighs the ammo consumption of it, and the balancing factor of deliberately having tanks be close range.

Lucio is just crazy. Sound barrier is probably the second best ultimate in the game next to graviton, his speed aura is empowering tanks like Rein and Zarya to a level this game has not seen outside of Mercy 2.0’s synergy with Zenyatta (which, for the record, was also the ONLY THING that has EVER usurped Lucio’s must pick status in the near 3 years history of Overwatch). His personal mobility is incredible, and the utility of a four second cooldown knockback is nearly unmatched.

Zenyatta is the perfect example of how high a power level supports are really on compared to the other roles. He’s the second most dangerous target in GOATs next to Zarya, discord is the best non ultimate ability in the game (argues could be made that it contends with speed boost for that spot), and his cross map pick generating, burst damage right clicks are just so out of place on a support. And that’s before we even get into how fast he charges his ultimate because, unlike other supports, his primary source of ult generation is not healing, but rather damage. So unlike heroes like Ana or Mercy, when your frontline dies and you have nothing to heal, he will happily continue to farm 50% of an ultimate while his team is being wiped.

I left Brig out, because she’s just a mess at this point. She’s still a catalyst for the 3-3, but no more than Lucio or Zarya. The difference is that Brig is absolutely terrible and basically a throwpick outside of 3-3.

Oh, and OWL GOATs has been somewhat unimpressive so far. Several contenders teams have a far stronger GOATs than the average OWL team.


So one team needs decrease their win just for maki g u happy


The best way to troll a team.


OP this is the biggest brain post I’ve ever seen.


Dear OP:
I’m a gold support main who could be in plat or higher if I played comp more, but I play the game for fun so I do more qp. GOATS is actually hella fun to play, idk what you’re talking about. Yes, the longevity of GOATS meta shows that there are problems with balancing DPS vs everyone else. However, this is because so many DPS are very easily countered by numerous tanks and healers.
If this is your thinking: “but but but OMG I CAN’T DEAL WITH DPS
They do so much damage! They hurrt! I’m trying to heal my team AND myself by standing out in the open and then complaining to my rein for not protecting me when I get 1-tapped by Widow!”
Learn to positon correctly, and learn callouts. These are really hard to get down, but this is what’s wrong with your play if you’re afraid of dps.*
*assuming your team is all in vc and you’re mostly cooperating, which is already a lot to ask.


Armor just got nerfed bro, leave tanks the hell alone. They’re pathetic outside of GOATS.