Dear overwatch pro players


Please stop running GOATS in your pro games. By doing so you are making things worse for the community by forcing blizz to nerf tanks and healers. The more you play goats the more power will go into the DPS heroes.


From: DvaIsMyWaifu



The fact that Goats exists proves that tanks are overpowered, though. They need to be nerfed, or we need to lock the roles so you can’t play more of them.


“lol like, I know you’re all paid to win and stuff, but hey please dont run a comp that’ll give you your best chances of winning so blizz can keep my heroes overpowered in ranked”


Well whatever works then why not? They “play to win” after all…

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So what happens is that everyone stops running GOATs and then Florida Mayhem keep running GOATs and everyone loses


So I guess solo tank hammond and sombra comps are just being ignored then.


Tanks ? Healer too…


This is the critical thinking that shows blizzard exactly why they should not balance for gold, well done.


…or allow CONDITIONAL hero bans in the matches (ie. if you pick lucio, can’t have a brig). Kinda maybe!? IDK. Just a thought…


yeah dude easy as that, they’re gonna stop playing goats now.


Not tanks. Its Zenyatta the flying dps cannon and Lucio the mover


Right, which is why they’re always played outside of Goats.

Oh, wait, that’s Rein and Zarya.


Lucio is played pretty much in any comp. The reason he wasn’t in dive was because Mercy outshined up, but…welp, he’s back. Every meta before Dive was also Lucio being a mandatory pick.

Zen as well. He’s in every comp. Every map. Good all the time.

I’m not saying the same isn’t true for Rein or Zarya (though they were absent for nearly a year, too), but every hero in GOATs seems to be ones that were good outside of that comp specifically, but just synergized so well in this one that it’s dominant. :confused:


Why would they not run a comp that gives them the best chance at winning?


This is the dumbest thing I have ever read from any single person in the OW community and I’ve seen some dumb stuff


tanks and healers become OP

tank & healer mains: omg no we’re not somebody needs to counter genji and tracer

brigitte counters bad genjis and tracers

healer & tank mains: omg doomfist is OP because he’s good against our big slow dumb asdfjkfhejh comp

ana gets buffed

healer & tank mains: omg genji is OP plez nerf him. tracer too, bc skill is more than aim! and nobody but annoying little 12 year old turbo nerd squeakers like to play tracer

all healers suddenly obtain aoe healing in some form or another with some supports recieving burst healing in addition to it

healer & tank mains: this is fine



Yeah stop playing to win!

Stop using the best possible comp that gives you the best chance of winning! What are you, paid literally thousands of dollars per player and contracted to win? Stop it!

Theyre gonna NeRF eVeRyOnE so stop playing goats since Blizzard will see the flaws in healing and tank stacking!!! And try to fIX IT!!!


tanks are fine. Heal stacking is the problem.


you are literally asking the pros to stop wanting to win. this is the same as asking real madrid to stop having their strongest players out on the football field.