Dear Fellow Junkies

Now that we have had time to adjust to his changes what are your thoughts?
Personally I think he is in a fine spot once they get his supposed bugs fixed(I haven’t experienced or at least noticed any of these bugs).
However I would like to hear my fellow Rat Mains opinions.
Good Day everyone-Aero

He’s not f-tier useless, but he definitely isn’t pulling his weight anymore.

He’s back to where he was before the mine upgrade: inconsistent healer ult-charger. As in, ults for the enemy team. Not yours.

His only saving grace right now is that his ult isn’t totally worthless like it used to be. Those support picks he can get with it are the only reason to take it, and he’s only going to get worse and worse as people get better at shooting down his tires.


Thank you for your feedback!
Honestly I’m surprised there weren’t more people giving their forethought on the matter!

riptire is now officially RIP
everything else is not that big of a deal

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This just showed up on the PTR bug fix list. Don’t know if you guys have seen it yet.


For the around 90 hours of Junkrat playtime I have (since he had self-damage), Junkrat has gotten to a point where his kit belongs in the “inconsistent” ones.

He’s not terrible right now, but he’s borderline falling back to where he was once, but despite when he was considered “F-tier”, I’d still play him. Eventually, we got his overhaul with the mines, which was the peak of my career in comp as a casual player and the most fun I ever had with mobility. Then he became an inconsistent pick with his falloff damage on the mine, but that wasn’t enough until the grenades size changed, which changed the way to engage targets and limited our gameplays to use tactics I do not have like, such as spamming, because it is simply the most consistent way to get ult charge aside a choke point, a small enclosed area (e.g. path) or the trap-mine/grenade-grenade combo.

I do understand the need for certain people to think we should “aim more”, but I don’t support the size nerf of the grenades that much. It is currently plain horrible to use a projectile that is sized as nearly an hitscan ammo combined with the second slowest projectile speed of the game. At some point in my overall game time, I’ve reached around 25-30% aiming and that was the most aiming I could pull with it, either by direct fights or trajectory prediction with a wall.

At this current moment, it’s the first time I do not want to play Junkrat at all, I’ve shifted to some characters I use to play (e.g. pharah) and a bunch of tanks. It’s sad because in a meta where Junkrat should be sitting as the king, a certain Hanzo has dethroned every single aspects that Junkrat currently lacks overall, along most of the entire DPS lineup in general (altho I was in for the Hanzo changes).

So overall, I am not satisfied with what Junkrat became : an inconsistent hero despite possible astronomic damage statistics that are frequently incapable of finishing a target, resulting into ult-charge feeding for the opposite healers, but I’m not entirely mad at it unlike a few people, I tried to play new ways with its current kit, but it’s no longer suited to how I enjoyed him a lot.

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I can honestly say I don’t like the bomb size nerf, wheel speed can stay.

Reason for bomb sizes: It feels inconsistant now, an example is earlier today I had a hanzo trapped in a doorway with my steel trap. I fired directly into the door and watched as the bomb went right by him and then was headshot with Storm Arrows.

Now yes the bomb size before the nerf was complained about cause almost everyone went right into the path of them. I will admit I have somewhat adjusted to the size, but there is still that inconsitantsy to the bombs.

For the tire speed: This more balances out how Junk can launch an Ult in complete safety. So now it has to be used almost right on top of the enemy in order to get the jump on them.

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It’s alright, but if they wanted Junkrats to aim more carefully then they should’ve buffed his projectile speed if they were going to nerf the projectile size. As of now Junkrat’s primary fire is braindead easy to dodge.


They always have been, but even more so now, and yet my teammates still jump in all of them, so I bet you somebody will disagree.

To answer the question: I don’t know. I don’t really play Junkrat much. I just don’t think he’s as fun anymore, but I’m not sure if that’s nerf related or just burnout from having over 900 hours. Maybe both… I agree that he needs a projectile speed buff, though.

I just feel they’re making him as he was pre-buff except now he has two mines and the tire is a teensy bit faster, but everything else got straight up nerfed compared to pre-buff. Even the mine with the falloff damage, though that doesn’t really bother me as I never had issues aiming mines.

Yes, it was easy to dodge before, but now imo it’s almost not even worth using primary fire in mid range. I’ve found myself just giving up and using both my mines.

Right now he feels even more like pray and spray. Not even a point to try to go for direct hits at close range so save your mines for that. They wanted Junkrat players to aim more but all they did was make it even more of an incentive to stand back in safe space and spam grenades and hope they hit.

Making the slowest projectile in the game 33% smaller was not a great way to force you into aiming more carefully. I actually see the opposite.

I’d rather they didn’t touch that and nerfed the damage from bounced grenades to 80 instead.

It seems that there is 1 topic we all agree on-
They shouldn’t have nerfed projectile size w/o speed increase
They say they did it to encourage aiming but all it doew now is encourage ‘spam’ and mining even more than before!

Fun thing is that we also don’t want a projectile speed increase as all that will do is make the phasing problem even worse.

The faster a projectile moves, the less reliable the calculations will be on the server when packet loss is a factor.

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