Dear Devs, do you think Symmetra is in the right spot?


That’s my Trump card


Her damage, including LMB is fine.

Her tp needs a few tweaks to help it be more useful in a team fight w/o requiring heavy amounts of communication. A waypoint indicator would be helpful, allowing it to permanently stay up would also help. Increasing the deploy speed would help but you’d run into the same issue they have with Reaper’s tele.


While I agree with your statement, the forums are really the only place we can voice our selves to Blizzard. That 99 % of people are the people Blizzard needs to find a way to get an opinion from. The simple excuse of “it does not represent the entire community” makes the entire forums and irrelevant place where no ideas should be considered. Maybe if they gave in-game surveys to everyone who has, let’s say, 25+ hours on Symmetra they could get some real feedback. They won’t though, it makes to much sense and then they would actually have to fix her.


What’s the issue with Reaper’s Shadowstep? He’a vulnerable while that’s happening. People using TP wouldn’t be as much.


On what planet is a short range beam that takes 4 seconds to achieve reasonable damage on a squishy with no defenses fine? What other dps has their weapon gated in this way? Who else has to earn their damage potential? It’s unacceptable, full stop.


They stated somewhere that it didn’t feel good when Reaper instantly tp’d into the middle of the enemy team and ulted. ]

Might be in here somewhere


a planet where that kit has a 120 damage alternate fire


it takes a second to charge that up. Symmetra is all about the wind up. There are plenty of heroes that do 120dps without a delay.


Wowee, she has slower inferior pharah rockets on alt fire that are easy to dodge, clearly its okay she has a garbage primary!


It would be nice if they released a roadmap where they had a list of characters that they thought were in a good spot as opposed to characters that they are “looking at.” I guess they would never do that because if they had a character on the “wrong” list tons of people would freak out. But I personally just wish I had an idea of what they were thinking, to be honest.


they also have much higher aim requirements, and don’t have 3 turrets they can fire that auto track, or automatic regenerating health.


you joking, right?


Wow, those incredibly powerful turrets that are oneshottable, have 10m range, destructible in mid air and take time to activate and on a 10s cooldown each? She doesn’t even need a weapon with such an OP ability!


nope not at all. nobody has a projectile the size of syms alt nor can they just swipe back and forward on a target and still get optimal damage.


I don’t have any specific reaper comments about that in the directory but I’ll look into seeing if there are such in the past.

(Darn Voice-to-talk why can’t you work)


The edit lmao…


by who? the only heros in the game that can oneshot the turrents are McCree widow and hanzo. that’s not “one shottable”

nobody else has 3 turrents that help attack targets either way you try to cut it. 4 sources of damage at once on a person is only available to sym.


You know for her splash to even have an effect it has to be a direct hit? They do 60/60. Here orbs are only reliable mid range because they move at 20mps. Originally they were going to move at 30mps which is harder to dodge and then, yeah, i’d be on board with you.

Her turrets do less DPS than before too. They used to to 180 and now they do 150.


Are we playing the same game? She CANNOT get respectable damage by swiping back and forth on a target, let alone “optimal”. I think you’re a bad troll who died to a turret once.


Literally every character can melee the turrets and they’re destroyed.