Dear brig mains, Brig is more annoying than Tracer

What the hell does pick rate have to do with that

Did you just disregard every single salient point OP made just so you could dismiss anything being said as " oh OP is just a tracer main"

If she becomes dominant it’s only because of the player’s skill that has allowed her to do so. Tracer has a high skill floor to go along with that high skill ceiling. If someone is dominant with tracer, it’s because they’ve put in work and skill getting to that point with her.

Speaking of, I’m certainly not a good Tracer. I’m only silver rank, I know where I sit on the totem poll. But I can say that for a character with a high skill floor to get hard countered by a character with a skill floor so low it might as well be the basement has to feel insulting.

Hardly. Tracer was BS since the launch of this game.

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She doesn’t get picked because of Brig… obviously.

Even Seagull says a high level tracer will have to swap if the other team has a Brig or you’re at a major disadvantage.

That’s the problem with the game, it’s way too much rock paper scissors.

I’m sorry but no, untouchable GM+ Tracers are the epitome of game ruining. maybe just maybe ashe can help us out though now that you got me thinking.

Not even close. I would rather face Brigitte on every enemy team for the rest of my life than go up against a Tracer smurf. I just ran into one today playing around my McCree which is usually more than enough for your standard platinum to diamond Tracer AND my duo went Brigitte. The two of us could only really stall and deter her. It left the rest of the game at a 4 v 5. Terrible. Like, I have no idea if they were a really good masters Tracer or an average GM Tracer, but it was genuinely the hardest time I have ever had in this game once I swapped to McCree.

I did better on Widow, but she was eating our supports alive. I was popping off too. I got the rare compliments from my team after a day of some of the most aggressive toxicity. Just your average Tracer is already a better character than Brigiite to begin with, but I have a feeling you have not faced too many good ones as most Brigitte are the same regard less of rank given their character is super limited.

The problem is smurfing then. Brig just prevents traditional tank plays, so it becomes more difficult, as it always was compared to dps (maybe supports?), to carry the game as main tank, screwing a lot of players.

“People need to adapt” is nonsense, shield bash at the start had no counterplay tank-wise, except eventually zarya (who is meta staple, what a surprise). The perfect offensive and defensive ability in all game (even better than genji’s dash with reset enabled, and it is the core design of the hero! Killing someone and allowing a defensive escape route).

I play Rein, and I’d rather fight Brig, than Tracer.

Let’s agree to disagree then :slight_smile:

Well I miss Tracer and Genji, strange isn’t it?

They are both cancer to us anyway, but at least, no stun, no shield down. Can’t wait for the nerf to hit live.

It is not Brig’s role to open ways, it is the main tank’s role. The design of shield bash is flawed at the core. You had to mirror it or bubble it with Zarya or use more CC which is cancer and what we have right now.

They were already making shields block the stun. This latest change is just going overboard.

Agreed, I think they pushed the “panic button” after Seagull’s video. And let’s not talk about doomfist nerfs, or Bliz Diablo mobile, or the impressive numbers of Fortnite, or Activision stock value, or simply queue time within the game (less players obviously), or OW world cup poor coverage.

“Panic button”.

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Yet the 3 times I’ve had an entire team of 1 tricks, we tolled the enemy because we were all competent on out 5 DPS and 1 healer heroes we 1 tricked.

The only think about 1 tricks that is “bad for the environment” is the negative mindset players like you have towards us.

Brig is fine

Also if you actually learned how to play around Brigitte instead of whining you’d find it’s queit easy to outplay Brigette, because plenty of Tracers already are doing so. So why can’t you?

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Which are quite common in High Plat / Low Diamond,
whether they’re trying to actively smurf or just fell out of Diamond for whatever reason, they occur.

Granted, since Brigitte there have been less than prior to her introduction.
But, they still exist.

About 2-3 days ago I ran into a duo of smurfs who I can only assume were Master+ as they literally 1v6’d, the entire game, for both rounds- with hardly any help from their team.

They exist.
As a Reinhardt player, I can easily destroy an overconfident Brigitte.

She doesn’t belong on the frontline except in Deathball.

Also, my post was primarily about 1v1ing a Brigitte as a Tank.
In comparison to
1v1ing a Tracer as a Tank.

It also included Team Fights, but I’ve never seen a Brigitte who steamrolls my team alone.
I have encountered multiple Tracers who can.

Not Genji
Not Brigitte

Just Tracer.

I haven’t come across a single Genji or Brigitte in my rank(s) who can manage to dismantle a coordinated team, purely because they’re more skilled mechanically.

Genji is too fragile and too immobile.

Now it’s funny, because I mentioned this.

She may not do absolute full damage from her spread, but a safe range for a Tracer is beyond 6m- 7m is possible but not recommended, so at least 8m away or further.

You, and every other Tracer player I’ve mentioned this to- ALWAYS- and I mean -always- ignore what I say about her issue.

Her issue is not her spread. Her spread is fine.
Her issue is her damage falloff starting at 11m.

8m away = less than 11m, therefore, even if a small amount of her shots miss, Tracer still does full damage per bullet.

Yes Tracer has to back away a bit, but if she does 200DPS (1 second for 1 clip), and Brigitte’s shield has 500 health, then it should be common knowledge that she’d need multiple clips.

I insinuated that in my post that you replied to.

Now, I just hopped onto Overwatch’s training range to check.
AT THE 10M MARK (not 7, not 8, not 9, but at 10 METERS)- you can kill a training bot with less than a full clip. You are left with 8 out of 40 bullets.

“Training bots are big”, yes, and if you go Brigitte in the training range with unarmed bots, you can see that her shield is actually BIGGER than the training bot.

So even at 10m, your spread isn’t big enough to miss any shots (as is evident by being left with ammo), especially on the fact that Brigitte’s shield is bigger than a training bot.

You’re blatantly wrong.

Tracer takes a little under a full second to reload, and a full second to empty her clip.

Therefore, needing 500 damage = 2 1/2 clips.

1second for damage, ~1second for reload, 1second for damage, ~1 second for reload, ~0.5seconds for damage

then the barrier is down. That’s 4.5 seconds, but if you need to be out of Shield Bash distance, then you need to be at 11m instead of 10, that means that you may encounter an abysmally small amount of damage falloff, but you might need another clip.

This brings her time to break the shield to 5seconds or 5.5 seconds.

At higher levels, a smart Brigitte (when not in deathball) is guarding the backline. So, yes, it negates Tracer’s use.

But when you have a Tracer smurf, or a smart Tracer in lower ranks- they take MUCH more work from your team to shut down.

You’ve been proven wrong.

Oh and,

I disagree if the One-Trick is able to outplay their counters consistently.

I.E. Kephrii/Surefour (both are not one-tricks, but) they can easily snipe a Winston out of the air.

So uh, you’re wrong on that part too.

I’ve actually not played this account in around a year (for Competitive) so as to not hinder anyone while Roadhog was trash-tier. Now he’s fixed, so now I can.

During that time I’ve been playing Roadhog off-and-on on my main account, and I still manage to kill Reapers and Pharahs and whoever else on a consistent basis.

So, you’re wrong on that point too.

Roadhog’s only countered by a coordinated enemy team, and if that’s the case, they only counter him being on the frontlines- so he sticks with his team and becomes more-or-less a peel-tank.

So no, you’re wrong on that too.

for anyone else who ISN'T Tupacio, this is for you

I disproved the statements about Tracer VS Brigitte with testing that was recorded and written down that anyone can replicate.
I then gave examples as to how One-Tricks if skilled enough are not bad for their team, if they are consistent.


Now Brigitte can’t even kill a Tracer with her combo.
Welcome back to another 2 years of Dive (probably).

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Happy to see someone else has had similar experiences actually sharing them.

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Defenders of Brig will always bring the Tracer argument : “if there is no brig there will be Tracer OP AUTO DEFEAT”.

Like Trump saying : “if there are immigrants, no jobs for any American OMEGALUL”.

Don’t you see the fallacy here?

Comparing Tracer toxicity to Brig toxicity?

Each one has to be dealt with, we don’t have to choose. Still, one was only a Master+ problem not a CC plague on all ranks, so I would gladly choose the Tracer cancer (this is Bliz decision after many months of Brig drama).

Brig is mostly a Tank disabler and flanker killer, that is too much. The tank thing will be removed with shield bash modification and that is great.

And the argument of outplaying Brig… look at OW WC, pro players struggle to deal with it, so imagine all other players… winrates also don’t lie.

Because you could run 6 DPS in gold and it would seem like the game is balanced.

Gold is the average of an OW player, not the epitome of balance.

And using Gold as the standard is what got us into this Brig mess in the first place. Golds complained about Tracer being OP, which wasn’t even a problem because Tracer had UP stats below Diamond.

But everyone cried that they hated dive, which was only a top-tier meta, and those using it below top-tier were either just using the power of the heros, or tried emulating it from the pros.

The same can be said for GOATS, which is a top-tier meta, HOWEVER Brig isn’t like Tracer where she’s UP below a certain level. She’s OP up until top-tier, but even then I’m sure she seems balanced because of the 50-50 rule, where the more games she gets played, the closer to 50% her winrate seems. We saw this with Mercy.

NOW, that doesn’t mean Brig is the new mercy. Brig can still be interchanged for other heros, which is why we see the likes of nanoblade.

Brig has devolved this game into a state where snipers and burst damage, aka DF and Genji, are the only really viable DPS options because Brig has too much defensive capabilities that it trashes the other heros who are in fact, balanced.

A good Tracer is annoying. Brig is annoying with anyone who plays her and knows how to hold left click. :woman_shrugging:

ugh, really wanted to put the ‘press x to doubt’ meme right here, but i cant. Bummer.

Hack is more annoying than Brig and Tracer combined. But I would never wanna see Blizzard reduce it’s duration by 90% and increase her dps by 0.667 as “compensation”