Dear brig mains, Brig is more annoying than Tracer


These complaints about brig being needed to be easy just so they can counter tracer is absurd. At ranks such as my rank you rarely saw good tracer but it seems brig is good in every rank which means she is annoying in every rank.

Brig should have had a high skill ceiling so that she matches with tracer. As her job is to counter tracer (the dive enabler), it would only make sense she is high skill so highly ranked players can counter tracer because they encounter good tracers. While people at my rank cannot counter tracer very well as brig but it should not matter as the tracers at my rank arent nearly as good.

Due to the easiness of brigs kit, she infects every rank. There is no rank you can escape to where you do not want to verse a brigitte. Meanwhile, during dive meta it was mostly masters and above that knew how to play tracer.

Brigitte needs to be tuned down or changed so she isnt just some character that disables a good portion of the hero roster for the enemy team.

A main tank player in Platinum (rein, winston, orisa main)


They will use Tracer as an excuse to keep their crutch in overpowered state.

Brig does not need her stun going through barriers to counter Tracer.
Brig does not need 500 HP shield to counter Tracer.
Brig does not need broken shield back in 3 seconds to counter Tracer.
Brig does not need to survive 2 sniper bodyshots, 2 Pharah rockets or Hanzo headshot to counter Tracer.
Brig does not need to beat every close range brawler 1v1 to counter Tracer.
Brig does not need passive regen to counter Tracer.
Brig does not need to require no skill in any of her aspects to counter Tracer.

This game is about swapping unless you're a flanker who cries on reddit
This game is about swapping unless you're a flanker who cries on reddit

I’m in gold and it doesn’t bother me one bit playing against her. Why is she not destroying all my games? Such an easy hero, after all.


Probably because OP is exaggerating.

Her pickrate isn’t even in the top six across all ranks.


Why do they even need to be tied together so strongly?


I can see how people feel about Brig sometimes

But she really isn’t THAT HARD to kill guys

She is just annoying to go against. Like most any other hero tbh

I still hate dealing with Tracer than Brig.


Games not balanced around the low ranks, it’s balanced around GM and pros, so yes Brig was needed unless they wanted to nerf Tracer


Shes not. And shes arguably balanced. But she literally drains every ounce of fun from the match when I have to fight her on any hero.

Stop with these stupid Delete Hero X threads

I only feel this way when an enemy Brig is particularly oppressive and closer than she should be. But I will say I find more often than not, people spend more time talking sh!t to enemy Brig than actually trying to deal with her.


But her Winrate sure is,

Take her overall winrate and compare it to literally anyone near her pick rate. In fact, anyone other than those picked <1% of the time.

Notice something? She’s far higher than everyone.

In fact, the only rank she’s beaten in is GM, where Zarya is slightly higher.


Right? At least you can make some distance against Brigitte and shoot her shield down making her useless. But you can’t escape Tracer’s high mobility. I’m not saying she is OP, hell I dislike Brigitte too. But like OP said Brigitte doesn’t have much of a skill ceiling, so once you learn how to deal with her it’s fine whereas versus a great Tracer you can do very little.


Why isn’t she played much more then when it’s so easy to win with her?


Hey okay so like, I don’t love Brigitte but I appreciate when one is on my team and can help counter a really annoying, skilled Tracer.

It’s not always easy to beat out Tracer if they’re really good. A really good Tracer can absolutely destroy a team from the inside out so whatever anyone says I’ll always appreciate Brig being a great counter to her


Well in Masters / GM / OWL she is driving the GOATS meta. In low ranks, she is played quite a bit, but a lot of people don’t find enjoyment in playing her. I hate playing her, she takes zero effort and I feel bad every time I kill someone with her.


Me too. Which is why I very rarely play her.


It’s not a meta when she isn’t a must-pick. Reinhardt and Ana belong to the meta, not Brigitte.


Being meta and being the staples in a meta are different.

Ana and Reinhardt are the staples.

Brigitte drives GOATS / Deathball, she single-handedly forced the meta off dive.


I totally agree there, she’s not particularly unbalanced (in 2/2/2 compositions) but she does kick fun in the nuts harder than anything ever has in the history of overwatch.


When you think about balanced, you should look at skill requirement to reward. She provides too much value for the effort she has to put into it. If you don’t factor in skill to reward then one day you will see pros playing all low skill heroes because the probability of their success goes up by that x amount of %. This is why you see GOATS all over the pro scene.


Hi. I’m a Reinhardt main on my primary account.
On this account, I’m a Roadhog One-Trick.

Now, as Roadhog, I’ve never had an issue with Tracer (when my hook didn’t break 7 out of 10 times).

However, as Reinhardt, as Winston, and Zarya, I can say that Brigitte is by no means a worry for me.
Tracer is, she always has been, and always will be.

Tracer’s falloff damage starts at 11m, Brigitte’s primary fire can’t hit past 6m. That means Tracer is able to do full damage (200 per clip without headshots, so that’s 200DPS because one clip is emptied in exactly one second), from 11m or less.

Including to a shield.

A good Tracer even in Plat 1v1s Brigittes and everyone else, because, they have the range to do so. (I’m specifically referring to Tracer mains with 60+ hours, who’ve learned how to outplay a hard-counter that shouldn’t be able to be outplayable like that).

So uh, no.
I’ll take flimsy, slow Brigitte over a hypersonic lesbian with a gatling gun for a pistol.