Dear Blizzard, why do you hate my country?

Dear Blizzard Developers. I have only one question for you. Why do you hate my country? I was okay with the fact that we didn’t get the Overwatch League tokens, because I had at least some alternative: I could donate and buy myself in-game, time-limited skins. I have a complete collection of All stars skins, Pink Mercy, Noir Widow and others that could be obtained in the game for time trials. I have a complete collection of graffiti that could be obtained during those time trials. But this time something went wrong. Why was my country (I live in Ukraine) restricted from getting Tracer Comic graffiti? None of my friends living in my country could get them. I wrote in support of Twitch, Blizzard. I was not given any definitive answers, saying that my views were “not recorded.” I changed accounts, browsers, computers, connected VPN. I wrote to these forums for a possible hint. I spent 2 weeks of my life writing letters and various magic trying to get graffiti. But the time of the action is over. And I still have a question. Why do you hate my country? If this post is ignored, like my previous one, then I will repeat it. I will repeat until you answer me. And if you ban it, I will ask all my friends living in my country to ask you.


Join the question…

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Same. Still no drops, no graffiti.


I can only speak for OWL tokens that are not enabled by me (in Italy): it is not Blizzard to decide whether to exclude the country or not, it depended on the laws on Internet management in the various countries.

In Italy, for example, there is this restriction because a real law has never been approved that would prevent the gain of this virtual currency. Although it is only a videogame, it can also be due to interference with restrictions based on the bit coin market and not only specified in the complicated codicils of bureaucracy.

But I’m pretty sure Blizzard wouldn’t make certain distinctions if it weren’t really unable to allow them (if not by accident as it happened in the first few times). And he wouldn’t have specified it on the official website if he wanted to ignore it, don’t you think?


i found this quote interesting
"Fixed a bug that caused Twitch drops for Tracer’s Comic Challenge to not be received in game (rolling fix over the past week)"
i think it’s worth logging into the game to see if maybe the sprays are now there. if you still don’t have them even though you did everything correct, it’s probably because of politics. the same way content containing lgbt themes and skulls has to be censored in/for china.

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I’m not sure that it is forbidden to receive in-game graffiti in my country. We used to get them

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Its not blizzards choice. The more countries they reach the more money it means so there is no reason to not do it form their end but simply put some countries have laws and restrictions in place that prevents certain things from happening.

Same question. I have Sigma’s sprays but can’t take it for Tracer. Do you hate Ukraine and her players?

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I am still waiting for your answer, dear Blizzard

Not from Ukraine, but i still your pain. I’m over in the US and have yet to get a single spray. Albeit because of a bug that Blizzard “Addressed” for other people, but still no sprays for me.

But only support can change the region so that it really works. And v * n, and changing the settings, does not help

A confirmation of support is required for Twitch Drops to work. The account is tied to the country in which it was registered. I have already tried the self-replacement and it did not help.

I’ll just post one of the tech support answers here:
You are worried about Game Master Toradatener.
We are very glad to receive your inquiry!
Unfortunately, no, we only change the country if we actually move.
A little more about the problem.
Why this is so - we do not know. The developers have not yet commented on why players from Ukraine could receive other awards earlier.
So I ask you to create a topic about this on the game forum. If there are more such topics - we hope that the developers will properly intervene in the situation!
So far, unfortunately, they have not given us any comments or permission to give rewards for streams.
Thank you for your understanding!
Yours faithfully
Game Master Toradatener
Customer support
Blizzard Entertainment

I am still waiting for your answer, dear Blizzard (2)

Waiting for answer too


I am still waiting for your answer, dear Blizzard (3)

sorry but this isn’t blizzards fault. There are literally laws in ukraine belarus and russia that say they wont let US companies do certain things, and the chances of blizz seeing this post are stupidly low. But I wish you luck on your quest. My advice is to actually not try and evade your countries laws n rules by using a VPN, because more likely than not your just gonna receive a nice OW ban.

No new laws have appeared in my country. So why then, in all the previous promotions, have I successfully received drops in twich?


Same. Still no drops. I have crippling depression.

Chances are your country did actually put out a new law, considering many of them in the world like to be kept private.