Dear Blizzard, Here is a suggestion for Mercy

Greetings! It has admittedly been some time since I’ve played overwatch, but I still hear news and player opinions quite frequently, and given the state Mercy has been in since changing her ultimate, both mechanically and popularly, I would like to present a suggestion on a way to “fix” her as a character.

While the format of the following suggestion is presented in a satirical light, I do hope that you will consider the ideas presented to help improve the game for everyone.

Step one: Revert.

Step Two: Revert further. Like, back to launch further.

Step Three: Restore buffs to regeneration passive, as the increased survivability is necessary given the high-speed, high-damage environment of the game, especially given the loss of Valkyrie as an ultimate.

Step D: Resurrection Ultimate now has a targeting range of ~25 meters. Targets an ally, or a point in space if no ally is under the cursor. All allies within a ~7 meter radius gain a 2.5 second buff that prevents death, resurrecting them at full health after a delay if they take fatal damage during that time. This can affect Mercy herself.

Bonus effect pending test: Dead allies in radius on cast are resurrected immediately at at ¼ max health.

Step Cinco: Next, buff base survivability slightly. Choose one option:

Add ability to E: Valkyrie Flare. Fire a flare into the air that signals allies for help. Mercy can target the flare with Guardian Angel. Does 50 damage on a direct hit to an enemy, cannot headshot, but does highlight the enemy for a brief time so long as an ally can see them.

— OR —

Add a Double-jump-esque ability to Angelic Descent.

Step 6: ???

Step 7: Make Overwatch Great Again.

The above suggestions are aimed at restoring mercy to her former glory, while also solving the gameplay issues surrounding her Ultimate and general quality of life issues from before the rework. Hopefully these changes would keep Mercy relatively simple to learn, while also providing her with avenues for skill-expression.


Hello there and welcome to the forums!
Nice to see some new people still coming in here and expressing their ideas for Mercy. If you have some time and want to read a bit here is another suggestion several of us came up with.

Otherwise watch out for the trolls around here and stay positive. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

You have some nice ideas. The Flare is kinda cool and could open up different play opportunities for Mercy.