Dear Blizzard, dear Jeff


Kindly have a look at the enemy HOG game play, he is either:
1- Boosting the account, as a HOG cant cant do what he just did in the game taking into consideration his rank.
2- Smurfing and not ranking on purpose or up due to your system is not working or not detecting his skills.
3- Cheating with wall hack and aim bot. Look how he know phara was going to the point without she stands on it!!!

Game: XC2QAR

This is the last report i make, and for the last month i have submitted at least 50 reports spotting cheaters with no response for your team. I think i should do the same and ruin everyone’s game with my Alts accounts.



I think you’ll find issue ruining games at your level. I think it’ll be more frustrating in general for you :frowning:

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Not at all, if Blizzard dont take action for those hackers then i will do

do whatever makes u happy bud. Blizzard has already proven they’re too scared to ban anyone because they don’t want to keep losing players. Funny though, most legit players are leaving the game because they won’t do anything against hackers and smurfs.

I cant watch the gameplay, and obviously haven’t seen any other reprots you’ve made, but Blizzard do respond to reports. People just need to use them. I dont even report that often myself, admittedly, but I usually recieve a message in game that my reports have lead to action against players. If someone’s done something reportable, and people report it, action will be taken.