Deaf Players Can't Hear Voice Lines

As a fellow deaf player, its completely unplayable.

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hey overwatch is too busy working on OWL. Respect blz or else.

My vision is very bad. This results in me not seeing the visual popups from voicelines, but in turn I can respond to sounds much more quickly than the average person.

This would be a fantastic addition for everyone considering ult voicelines fail to play ~1/3 of the time at this point.

Fantastic and even though i’m not deaf i would definitely use this.

Any updates on this ?

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Oh my god the necro dude

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Im all for subtitles or whatever for deaf players.

As long they get to experience the ‘joy’ of voiceline spammers in a similar fashion we do.

Say, a special chat window that takes up 99% of the front of the screen starting at the bottom, and moving up the more VL’s are spammed.

Just so they can get as annoyed like the rest of us at spammers.

Equallity for all! :smiley:

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For those of you wondering about subtitles, have a look at this clip from Rainbow Six Siege (Siege has subtitle options available for all game modes):

(clip courtesy of me)
Also, the Archives game modes have subtitles
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I would probably use whatever feature they create even though I’m not deaf just to help with awareness.

This feature should have been added long ago. Like, when they were adding features for colorblind people, did it not cross their mind that there are more ways to make their game easier to play for other disabled players?

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“Oppressed” is a bit heavy handed no?

Your flair for the dramatic aside, it does baffle me that the options for players who are hard of hearing haven’t been fleshed out yet.

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They should add subtitles for ults or important abilities - but there should be no visual indicators of footsteps… as it would make it mandatory for everyone to use.

If this were to go into effect I would use it (and I’m not even deaf). I would use it because I’m honestly so bad at detecting where things are. I’m slow I swear lol

They are listening! They added subtitles in the new PTR patch (:


I started putting in the McCree ones, gave an almost complete list (PTR hasn’t updated since Anniversary). It’s late, so not gonna work on the other Heroes tonight. They are looking into the voice lines, and asking for help, so if everyone gets in on this it will give them the necessary information they are looking for.



I am curious how this will affect even the hearing players though. Are subtitles a better indicator than actual sound queues?

It is supposed to give translations as well. So say Mei is saying something in Chinese, then it will translate it into English (an supposedly any other language).

hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

id say it depends on your reaction time though. hearing it might be faster than reading depending on who you are

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This was a good necro.

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There is such a thing?

EDIT : I’m not against deaf players having subtitles at all.

My point is that did this thread need necro’ing? Or could a new one have been made.