De-ranked after 7 wins

Does anyone know why both me and my friend after winning 7 games de-ranked. I was plat 3 and got plat 4 while my friend was plat 1 and got plat 2. This seems very weird and I have not seen anything about it. We were not near 20 losses so that can’t be it, I get that after 7 wins you stay in the same division but not de-ranking like this


After 7 wins your rank is adjusted but it’s not always going to go up. It’s based on your personal performance in those 7 wins. If you did well you’ll rank up. If you did poorly you’ll rank down.


As predicted this super focus of 7 wins and not seeing the underlying numbers only leads to confusion and frustration.

I think seeing our losses before could help us understand.

Perhaps this was the grand design. Make the system worse so everyone wants and happy with a roll back.

Can’t we dispel the “personal performance” theory as fact. The fact is the mmr simply didn’t go as high after winning after losses.


If you lose and your mmr goes down your rank can go down even if you win.

The system feels bad completely agree.


Can you still rank up with a losing record if your performance was strong enough?

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How many loses? If you friend won 7 times in a row, then it is weird, yeah.

But if there is a mix of 7 wins and 8 or more loses, then deranking would be expected.

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as predicted keeping scott involved in this production led to a pepega flop

Yep. I had 16-18 losses before 7 wins and went up in rank.


that is some bs!!! I can be the best healer in the lobby almost ever game and still stay in bronze 5 and get 7 wins more often than what you put! I do not understand this horrible ranking system. IDK why they can’t just put a complete description of how it works. Apex says how theirs works why can OW and Blizzard just tell you! Nobody is going to steal your trash rank system


And I want to be real clear, the 7/20 could have probably worked better if we just had some deets.

So it’s not just the system but the decision to purposefully obfuscate the details needs to be reconsidered.


Source? 13 characters

didn’t say 7 in a row haha, said that after winning 7 so yes of course we had losses in their

Again. How many loses?

If by the time yo got your 7th win, you also got 8 loses, of course you are gonna derank.

You can even derank a little by just losing one and winning one. It has happened to me that after 1L - 1W, I ended up with 2 - 5 less SR than before.

I just went 7 and 3, 2k per min heals with 1k per min dmg annnnd went from diamond4 to PLAT 2. It makes no sense


I keep winning 7 games with like 2-3 losses and my rank sinks. I just started playing OW 2 and was consistently keeping silver 2. I improved a lot, since then statwise and game mech wise, didnt get flamed anymore and win more, but i kept falling in rank. Now im at silver 5. I dont want to fall into bronze as i hear thats hell you’ll never crawl out of. Im not sure why the game is punishing me for improving.


If you win 6 in a row, then lose 19, then win 1 more you most likely are not going to go up in rank as your win rate is 27%.

I’m stuck in Bronze. I’m prolly done playing the game until something changes cause I’m not a god but I’ve gone through 6 re ranks in the past two days usually I win 7/9 maybe lose one or two games as a decent support, I even won 7 in a row yesterday and I went from bronze 3 to bronze 4. After the 7 in a row. If I can’t quantify my comp rank I don’t care about the background stuff that figures my rank I want it out in front to see.


hope that a joke

if not then they were super generous lol

Had similar experience on Tank. Got rolled so many times before finally getting my next 7 wins and I went up in Rank.

I also noticed I was constantly being put in games with mid to high plat players while still in gold before that rank up happened.

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Because the truth is it’s there to boost your engagement with the game and that’s it. That’s why you can go 6 wins and then 10+ losses before getting the 7th win and still remain the same rank. They’re putting you in almost guaranteed loss matches to keep you playing for that 7th win, and then your rank isn’t adjusted because they probably disregard those matches you were forced to lose in.

The point of this? To keep players who rage on a loss engaged. Who else would be on the winning team in all those losses? And this then explains all those people winning tons of games and not ranking up either.

They don’t care about rank, they don’t care about gameplay, they care about play time and that’s it.

And of course once this system is in place ranks needed to be hidden. If you could see you’re in a team of bronzes vs a team of plats you likely wouldn’t keep playing for that final 7th win for as long as you do.