Dc's and banned

I got pretty bad luck in the past 3 days . where my internet and what not went out. i got a 8 hour ban for a second dc. Then my power goes out rando and i get a 18 hour ban. Come on blizz i get people rage quitting and mess up the game. But people who get random net dc’s shouldnt have to wait 18+ hours to play again. Ehh whats the point of this post anyways. blizz is dead

There’s no way to tell the difference between someone pulling their power cord and an ISP disconnect. It would require someone being inside your house to physically see the difference. But if you’re having connection issues, it’s best to stop queuing for Competitive until they’ve resolved.

Yes like my post, yours is a waste of time. It always werid when you done something since feb 2005 and the moment comes when you understand. None of it is worth it anymore. This is that time.

8 hours ban for a second DC?
Doesn’t it goes 10 min, 20 min, 2 hours and then 8 hours?

Yeah, a second DC is not an 8hr penalty.

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To be more elaborate, you probably got an increased penalty for having multiple disconnections throughout the season. Note, your penalty time increases even if you don’t disconnect in back-to-back matches.

Regardless of the matter, every player as a responsibility to resolve any connection issues before attempting to play Competitive again. Remember to stick to quick play until you are confident that any disconnection issues are no longer occuring. If you find you are still disconnecting, consider starting with this guide for helpful steps:

As a reminder, penalties will not be reversed for any Competitive Play leaver violation, details on this policy can be found here: