DC'd from a Winning game

Hi I was disconnected from the servers and lost 50 sr as well as suspended for 15 minutes. We won the game, I was at 2913 SR trying to climb. I dc’d as we won the game and had NO choice to rejoin. Can I have my SR back please? I should be at about AT LEAST 2935. This is in Open Queue. I am now down to 2863 because of the DC, and feel as if I should be compensated.

This isn’t fair. I never have internet issues, just the blizzard servers always kicking me!

All technical issues including disconnections and crashes will be penalized. In your case, if it takes 2 minutes or longer to return to a game, you still take the loss and SR reduction regardless of the match outcome. Blizzard is unable to adjust skill rating due to technical issues. You can learn about this policy and why it happens here:

If this was just a one-time issue, the best idea is to play multiple games in quick play to make sure there is not a persistent connection issue happening, but otherwise you will adjust your skill rating back normally when you feel it is safe to play Competitive again.