DC problems in overwatch

Is it just me or is that happening a lot more often?
People just DC all the time and return after the fight is over.
Also, after that, they lose sr, like why? Why should your SR be punished for something out of your control?
Doesn’t that seem a bit harsh?

Disconnections happen for a variety of reasons. It is often a misconception to blame the game service for dropping out of a match, but in reality a majority of problems happen inbetween the player and the game server. This is because your connection to the game server goes through several hubs in the world wide hub. A problem at any one hub will cause a disconnection.

The ability to get reconnected is often a hassle and make take as much as 5 minutes to reconnect. Unfortunately by then a player who disconnects is penalized in a Competitive Match unless they can successfully return within 2 minutes.

Disconnections and crashes are penalized because there is no effective way to distinguish a disconnection from that of a person deliberately disabling their computer or router and fake a disconnection or crash. Jeff Kaplan details this policy in this older post:

Source: Overwatch Forums

Not really and this is because of two reasons. The starting penalty is only 10 minutes suspended from Competitive Play. If you take the time to immediately avoid playing any more matches in Competitive before fixing any possible issues, you should not worry about accumulating additional penalties which can lead to a Competitive Season Ban. Please note it can take as little as six leaver violations to get a season ban. A Competitive Season Ban prevents players who deliberately leave several games or is ignorant of fixing their technical issues from ruining any more games for other players. Season bans also result in a loss of all end-of-season rewards and getting three season bans results in a permanent ban from the Competitive Play game mode. However, as I said you have to be deliberately ignorant to work to such a status. A single leaver violation is annoying but it’s not detrimental.

Also note, the loss of SR is not that big of a deal either. This is because it will create an imbalance between your current skill rating and your actual hidden matchmaker rating. So if you keep playing matches to completion, you often recover your SR to get back to your true skill rating.

In short, yeah disconnections are no fun and getting penalized for them is aggravating. However, the current policy works to correct bad leaver behavior and encourage troubleshooting technical issues for a majority of players. If you would like to learn more, please see this topic from Blizzard for additional details:

If you need help troubleshooting your own disconnections or crashes, please post in the technical support forums where Blizzard Support Agents or players like myself can lend a hand.

A lot of it is people deranking for various reasons such as to smurf or play with friends. They want the loss but will still play the game.

Today…I have 2 DC on myself and another on a team mate…Blizzard keep saying that its not their fault…explain why only OW has this problem…explain why I’m still having this problem even after I have moved to another country…got new ISP…got new fiber connection…got new PC…but yet it is still happening…

It doesn’t happen so often for me though…I’d say somewhere around once every 20 games…not too mad…but the fact that its still happening is kinda frustrating…hope it gets better when OW2 comes out…

It is more than likely on your end. While there has been server issues in game, it’s rare for it to be that often, and many times there are many people warning to avoid competitive for a few hours.

It’s best to go to Technical support, as they can help you try and resolve the issue or at least ballpark what your problem might be.

Yeah…I noticed it just now…The servers not in a good mood today…I tried going into it again and straight away got disconnected…luckily it wasn’t mid gem…

Thanks for the warning…guess I’ll go play something else then…

Weelllll out of controll. 3y ago I dc also here and there. When I buyed an powerline adapter I never dc anymore.
You may can trouble shoot internet and se where you may can fix. I my self also thought its my provider mistake

Powerline adapter is indeed a good alternative to Ethernet cable. I might actually buy one.
I’m not particularly mad about dc happening once in 1 or 2 weeks…I can tolerate that…but today’s dc is a bit crazy…
I didn’t know that ban get longer with every consecutive leaves/dc’s…that’s a first…

I feel ur pain honestly.
I once losed 50 sr couse an ow friend told me you need to log in as some one else on battle.net app on phone and add ur self. So you can see if ur still in que.
I waa taking a shiet and after I came back I lost 50 sr…
I was on my peak xD