"DC" into instant ban

I just happened to lag while doing the loading screen (Nepal) on a competitive game. I could hear the ingame music and everything while doing so and heard the announcer say that whole travelling to nepal thingie. I think my game have have become unresponsive as Windows like to call it.

This is where the game got weird and told me I lost connection to the game server. I shrugged it off and waited to get back into the game only to find NO possible way of me rejoining the match and instead take the penalty of (although only) 15minutes, rather than go in and have fun. I am certain no more than 30 seconds had passed since I was kicked out of the loading and thought there surely would be a way to reconnect.

This is not to poke at the Leaver Penalty system which Nicole so kindly added a link to, I never left a game before but even if I did… should I not be allowed to rejoin?
When does the system decide that this person is a major bum and won’t join again?
And when does it think that this player should be given a reconnect button to rectify a mistake?

I think that the Blizzard side is seeing this more as whining about what they assume to be few in many cases and is overlooking a simple yet quite effective method of solving most of all these issues.

Give people 2 minutes after disconnecting to rejoin a match.

It is simple.
It is helpful.
It is honestly not perfect but if your netcode is throwing people off and the comp penalty system is punishing your players for it, its a lot better than a subtle “Don’t care lol” which I believe some may feel from previous Blizz employee responses (and to that note guys, not everyone who responds to you here is making the part of the game that has caused you trouble, keep the tone while still conveying you are bothered by the issue.)

Take both hats on rather than just one and you all should give some details about the incidents where this happened to pinpoint where the problem is and assist in finding a way to avoid or minimize the damage the problem causes.


Thank you Nicole. I’m sure you get plenty of flack from us with the new game. But OW1 was not as problematic as this current system. This issue was not related to connection or purposefully leaving matches. It was/is a game error when the game connects to a match and then diverts to an update which never is applied in game or to the pc/console. The fact that something like that can happen and there is absolutely no one to reach out and/or file an appeal to (4+ years after the post you reference was made) is disappointing to say the least. Personally, I’m banned til season three of comp and I was just getting back into playing again. Please if you can, report our frustrations as I know there isn’t much necessarily that can be done. But thank you for reading this and have a good rest of your day.


So I got suspended for 8 hours, this is definitely a first for me.

Got 1 hour suspension yesterday after disconnecting in the middle of the game. Took maybe 1 minute to get back online, still no chance of joining the game, straight to ban.
Today, the game hasn’t even started, dropped out of the hero selection screen. Didn’t get disconnected, just dropped into the comp mode selection. Tried rejoining 2 times, saw the game loading (which means I haven’t even gone offline!) and on the 3rd time got suspended for 8 hours. There was almost 24 hours and 30+ games between these two instances.

I have only one suggestion - to fix the reconnect function and give players a chance to reconnect before giving them suspensions. This is probably more reasonable than asking people to troubleshoot their connection. I’m already on as good 1Gb internet connection as I can get in the country, with optical cable going inside the apartment. What are we supposed to troubleshoot? 20+ other points of failure in the network on the way to the servers?

P.S. And yes, one of the few “leaves” I had over the past week was the infamous “Updating the game” hang. Left a comment about it in another post. That was absolutely ridiculous, also been suspended for 1 hour that time.

Getting suspended for 8 hours after disconnecting on the hero select screen before the match has even started is absolutely bonkers. Especially given that I wasn’t even disconnected but just dropped back into game selection screen and managed to click “Rejoin Match” 3 times (loading the map, hearing the music, etc.). Yes, this was not my first disconnect but the previous one was 24 hours before with about 20-30 games between them. Is it really that bad?

Suggestions to improve this same as above: fix the reconnect function and/or give players a chance to reconnect before penalizing them. It is not OK when you disconnect, spend only 30 seconds to reconnect but you are already punished.

Update: On the second thought, it is probably not worth it even posting here. If the system “works as it always has” and not many people are complaining, it’s not a big problem on large scale. Just a few unlucky players.

Normally I would give a whole speach on “check your network”, check your OS for viruses, etc and perhaps a bad windows update (most of them) broke something and it causes crashing. But with the way this game engine runs. I cant say I would award it the benefit of a doubt at this point. Considering my bad luck with it as well.


  • Check power supply.
  • Check network cable (It can still run with 1-2 wires broke and cause weird network issues).
  • Check your Wireless and wired adapters for corrupt drivers.
  • CPU cooler (Seen it happen).

The fact that they have multiple forums of people saying they are having issues and they reply with “not have any known issues”. We’re telling you that there is an issue. Whether its a bug in the game or how the system is designed. You should be able to to rejoin within a time frame. I got disconnected from game servers at the start of the game (hero selection was about to show up) when my internet was fine and was back in the main menu in 10 seconds. Why can’t I rejoin? Why are people being banned for this? Believe it or not, there are people that don’t just leave games like the mods accused straight away. I don’t leave games in comp at all, yet I’m getting a banned for an issue on your end. Luckily my ban is for 15 minutes, but other people are having it worse. It’s incredibly ignorant to just put all the blame on players and it makes people want to straight up quit the game. A lot of people wouldn’t even come to the forums to report this. How many people is this actually happening to?

I have been having the same exact problem and I’m also banned until season 3 It really is a pain when you can’t get in the game and then get a penalty for something that isn’t your fault. I’ve never had this problem until recently and its getting really annoying.

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Yeah this happened to me 0 bans prior I instantly reconnected to the game and we were winning but I got insta banned before I even got the chance to reconnect with a 13 minute match timer?

I wish I could downvote this we aren’t leaving this is a server problem multiple people are encountering it I only got a 13 min timer but I was winning a game got logged out as the game was ending reconnected literally 2 seconds after resetting the game (2 minutes has not passed yet) and I got an instant penalty.

No Incorrect you got a bug or something No internet problems whatsoever yet I got logged out literally 2 seconds later I logged back in and got hit with a ban not 2 minutes 2 seconds

this had been happening to me ever since season 3 came… I probably got banned 15 times now

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