DC bug in competitive, banned + lost 50 sr

So I decided to play some games in the group finder. after a while the group got filled and we started queuing, when the game was queued and everyone was playing I was the only one who didn’t get into the game after 1 minute I got banned, lost 50 sr and waited 10 minutes to queue again. this time I opened the group in the group finder, after it filled I queued and again everyone got in beside me the game than started bugging hard and spam entering game which worked, for a couple of seconds. then my screen went black and I waited for something to happen after around 10 seconds before the gates even opened my entire group was banned and all players lost 50 sr. So In total I lost 100 sr, I got banned for 40 minutes and I had a bunch of people hating on me.

There’s a service issue affecting a lot of peoples’ ISPs right now. I’d avoid comp until the issues are resolved. Unfortunately, they can’t do anything about your SR or ban.