Day 43: Summoning Hero 32, Pls help and join me! 😈 WE DID IT!

This game does not need and should not have any more heroes until they prove:

  • That they can create heroes without CC

  • That they can create heroes without more and more damage power creep

  • That they can properly balance the heroes we do have

Since none of those things are or will ever be true anytime soon, adding more heroes is a mistake.


This game will never ever be balanced. There will always be a meta, there will always be heroes who gets more value than the others.

So nope. I don’t want to play the same 7 supports for 2 years, thank you.


False. The game could be balanced, it just lacks a competent dev team to do so. They have proven over and over that they don’t understand their own game, and the release of Sigma just further cemented that sad truth. If they create a new hero, we’ll get yet more damage and CC power creep, because it’s all they know how to do.

The game shouldn’t have any more new heroes until the devs are replaced.

Summon the Goddess :blue_heart:

\(^ω^)/ \(^ω^)/ \(^ω^)/ \(^ω^)/ \(^ω^)/ \(^ω^)/ \(^ω^)/ \(^ω^)/ \(^ω^)/ \(^ω^)/ \(^ω^)/ \(^ω^)/ \(^ω^)/ \(^ω^)/ \(^ω^)/ \(^ω^)/ \(^ω^)/ \(^ω^)/ \(^ω^)/ \(^ω^)/ \(^ω^)/ \(^ω^)/ \(^ω^)/ \(^ω^)/ \(^ω^)/ \(^ω^)/ \(^ω^)/ \(^ω^)/ \(^ω^)/ \(^ω^)/ \(^ω^)/ \(^ω^)/ \(^ω^)/


Hmm maybe be could ask my high level WoW warlock to stop by. He has been summonings stuff for years.


O almighty game developers, please hear our pleas and grant us this blessing that we might have joy.

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False you are. Some people say Reaper needs 40% life-steal some people says he definitely has to have only 30%. Even if you or me would balance this game there would never ever be a true balance since every people is thinking differently.

Btw the community will always cry about everything. They created Ana, a high-skill support and a lots of people blames her that she gets too much healing…
They release a low-skill hero then everyone will cry for nerfs then others will say x,Y is okey and acceptable, git gud and stuff like that…

Always just crying and whining instead of trying to actually enjoy the game.

As long as the DPS can choose from 16 heroes and we only have 7 supports, it’s not fair and HEro 32 should definitely need to be a support. (I’d prefet another high-skill like Ana.)

Yes, yes, yes! The cirlce is getting stronger!! Give us your mana and powers too so we can open the portal! :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

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Just know a sacrifice may need to be made if my warlock gets involved. See ya genji. That’s mean to Genji you guys will have to decide which lore character may need a sacrifice

Sacrifice Doomfist


Great contender. I like Mei so she is staying, but rumour has it she may know sone dark beings who can help :kissing_smiling_eyes:

If we would sacrafice Mei, the hundreds of demons inside of her would get out so Yeah probably not a good idea…

Who else do we have to hate nowadays? There is no current whichhunt going on. Ohh wait people started to hunt Brig again. But She is my waifu so I could not :sob:

I say we find the final goal of Bastion and Junkrat.

If you want my warlocks help, then Brig is off limits. She one if my faves.
Widow I’m ok with if you are. Bastion maybe but the way he says hello so cute
Ashe or widow maybe as they just rude the way they ask for healing!

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Checking in for Day 4 of trying to summon our omnic Queen!

Then I realized that I want D.mon and Overlord almost just as badly. Idk who to try to summon anymore.

Please, take Doomfist. Just…take him.


I will now chant a spell that will summon our beautiful robot queen Echo:
Nerf Doomfist Nerf Doomfist Nerf Doomfist Nerf Doomfist Nerf Doomfist Nerf Doomfist Nerf Doomfist Nerf Doomfist Nerf Doomfist Nerf Doomfist Nerf Doomfist Nerf Doomfist


Don’t worry, we can just use my druid to resurrect them.

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We"re still with ya bro.

Keep going…

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me: “Mei, bring some candles and fresh blood, we doing a summoning.
Junkrat, get in your krampus costume for good measure.
Moira, come here, we need a chaotic neutral person here!”


:candle:\(^ω^)/ \ (^ω^)/ \(^ω^)/ :candle:


Not sure people will want you to Rez doomfist lol


Mercy you stay away from the circle! No rez allowed here otherwise the spell won’t work!

Roadhog, if anything goes wrong we can still hide the evidence in your belly…

Tracer you stay close to me cuz… UwU

And omg am i just hallucinating cuz of the sideeffects of the spell or did that gorilla just talk?