Day 366 of the Mercy rework, and it's still the most complained about thing on these forums

I think you missed replying to the rest of my post.

Nobody wants any change that happens to their hero.

Yet when the most frustrating thing in the game at the time gets changed/nerfed, the entire population will rejoice.

Ex: Genji’s deflect hitbox, Brigitte’s shield bash hitbox, Mercy’s Mass Rez (yes, believe it or not, people were celebrating when this was removed).

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Not everything requires a response. I took a part of your thread I deemed the most interesting and responded.

Sure you talked about it being the only thing to fall back on but having gameplay experience means nothing here. Especially when that experience was done when the game was in a completely different state and mindset.

Then do you agree that if they allowed us to try a tweaked Ult Rez now and different Mercy ultimate’s then one of them maybe better than her current ultimate? After all, then we’d have experience in the current game play.

I am not sure? I mean, I don’t think that Mass Rez was an engaging ult. It was more of an enraging ultimate for the enemy team and a “Suicide” playstyle for allied team mates. in order to get the most out of Mass Rez, the entire team had to die.

I also don’t feel like single person rez is “ultimate” enough if you get what I mean.

I don’t think that going through a few ultimates would be a good thing either. Something has to stick and everyone’s going to be happy or not happy. Right now, a large portion of Mercy mains (not on this forum) think she’s in a decent spot and could use tweaks. Lots of Mercys on other forums (r/overwatch r/overwatchuniversity etc) don’t think she needs a revert.

I’ve found many mercys on this forum that feel suppressed and silenced about what they feel with this mercy balance. Lots are okay with it but don’t speak up because this “cult” behavior from mercy mains is unacceptable and suppressing everyone else with a different idea.

At this point, Mercy mains on the forums are the only ones unhappy with Mercy at the moment. There’s very few other players that I’ve found to be hating Mercy right now.

If you mention Mercy, you’re bound to get attacked if you believe anything other than “rework/revert” is the only solution. It’s hard to have an actual conversation with players that can’t read between the lines of what was said. You can say Mercy’s have cultist behavior but they will turn it into “you called us a cult”. You can say “Mercy doesn’t need a revert” and they will say “But Mass rez needs to come back” (which is, in itself, a revert). You can say that the Mercy spam is actually spam (literally, the same few ideas come up day after day from different posters in new topics, sometimes dozens of times a day) and they will call you ignorant and say that they’re just expressing their opinion.

They nitpick everything you say and I just can’t take it anymore.

Most of my posts used to be extremely polite. But I’m losing it now. There’s way too much of this that it’s impossible to have any sort of conversation. You say one thing and they get caught up on it. They ignore their own faults and call out every single one of yours.

I’ve been called mental and told that I need a straight jacket because I said that it’s possibly Mercy’s flagging the mega. I’ve been relentlessly followed around the forums for when I said the mercy’s are acting like a cult. They proceed to change what I’ve said and clearly meant.

It’s so hard to even be on the forums anymore. This place is so over run by Mercy’s its unbelievable.

Sorry if this was hard to read or doesn’t answer your question. I’m just sick of this.

Sometimes you just stick with what you think is right, and a few of us are doing so

I suspect the reason most of the activity dedicated to fixing/altering Mercy is focused here is that these are the official forums. Where people are supposed to give feedback on the game and have interaction with those developing the game.

Unfortunately unless some effort is taken to address the feedback in a way that is constructive then the same questions are going to be asked again and again.

Mercy mains who are aggrieved by the rework want open communication and recognition that they are not happy and some effort to address that unhappiness.

Until that does happen the posts will continue as people are upset and nothing is being done to help them stop being upset.


The thing is, Mercy has been addressed. Twice. One time in February, they said she wouldn’t be reverted. Yet Mercy’s choose to believe that it means that Mass rez might come back.

Then in May, they said she didn’t need changes right now (this way May). Mercy’s forget the “right now” part and just say “OH JEFF SAID SHE DOESN’T NEED CHANGES YET SHE’S GETTING CHANGED” in august -_-.

The game’s in a different meta now than it was when he made the statement.
The game effectively has 3 new heroes (rework sym, Brigitte, and Hammond) as well as a new meta (snipers) as well as a practically new Hanzo. The entire support lineup was due for changes anyway, so why do everyone but Mercy?

Mercy’s won’t settle until it’s a direct response. Which is understandable but nonsensical.


At least we can agree on this. Direct constructive communication is required.


But it’s not going to happen. Last time Blizzard responded, mercy’s burst out into “that’s not good enough” posts.

Mercy’s hardly have had any sort of constructiveness in this stance either. I’ve found maybe half a dozen posts in the 500 posted weekly that are constructive and not just screaming the same thing that’s already been said.

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I feel that’s because everyone has been crying out for constructive communication for the last year and people are now just angry and a little emotionally raw about what has happened to their hero.

It’s a delicate situation that is going to take a lot of careful words to resolve.

On the forums? That can be explained by issue prioritization.

For example, I don’t like the way Sombra and Symmetra were handled. But… You don’t see me complaining about them. Why?

Mercy was my main. She comes first for me. Sombra and Symmetra come after Mercy gets fixed, if I decide to voice my opinion about them at all.

I would imagine the same perspective from Sombra and Symmetra mains. They don’t like how Mercy was handled, but Sombra/Symmetra come first for them.


At this point, punishments need to start going out to these spammers.

You can be mad. You can be angry. But the instant you break rules, you’re suspect to punishment.

Most of what Blizzard has ever said about Mercy balance only really applied to when the statement was made. “We don’t need any changes right now” means right now. Not later. What happened to their hero was for the good of OW as a whole.

Blizzard turned a somewhat consistent hero into a hero with modified abilties from the original. When Mercy mains complained, they looked and saw she was overpowered. So she got nerfed.

Most Mercy’s sit here and say how they don’t want an OP version of Mercy, and here we are. She’s not overperforming. Diversity hasn’t been higher than it is right now in a year or so. Balance is finally hitting the support roster.

What more can we ask for? Mercy’s had lots of resources poured into her in the past 13 months. Diversify those resources and you will have a better game as a whole.


I believe we differ on what our understanding of spam and feedback is.

Whilst she’s not OP the characters internal balance vs fun and her balance vs fun when interacting with game still require work.

It doesn’t matter how many resources you pour into something when what you’re working on doesn’t work for the character.

And I do believe she can have the right internal balance vs fun and her interactions with the game balanced vs fun successfully. Just not with the character as she’s designed at the moment.

Because you don’t balance a game with a professional scene around ‘fun’.

You balance around performance.

Fun is subjective. Having to relearn Mercy’s Kit reset 4-5 times because Blizzard is confused what to do with it, could frustrate a lot of players and take away from the fun. People mention after mastering several of her resets felt like they wasted their time. Mercy’s is being micromanaged with mix messages and double standards is a turn off and not balanced.

Mercy was marketed like a badass valkyrie (chooser of the slain), even in lore she saved Genji. Mercy Valkyrie ULT is suppose to have a big impact with resurrection and a hard counter to DPS ULTS that can wipe teams to balance. In Mercy’s current state it’s anticlimactic and the opposite. People joke Mercy is a moth that flies around staring at the dead bodies and avoids resurrecting teamates all together…that’s broken and the opposite what a Valkyrie should do. Who signs up to be Moth vs a Valkyrie?

There’s also pages of other factors the people disagree with Blizzard when they cherry pick and distort Mercy’s winrate for excessive nerfs or promote double standards to nerf Ults. Example: Imagine if DPS ULTS were hard capped to two max kills only or put two second delays on their primary skill. DPS players would say its unfun and almost pointless. It reeks of hypocrisy and double standards.


Please read the entire post before commenting. You are addressing a point that I never made because of what seems like you selectively stopped reading after that statement.

Never said pre-rework Mercy was OP. I literally said the opposite.

and other 1000 lies you can tell yourself overwatch team.The devs had my utmost respect and i loved ow with all my heart.But the whole mercy fiasko is a bit too much for me, a filthy mercy main.I just hope that they will make mercy fun and viable again before its too late


i agree with you.I just wait for the torb rework to come out,then they can focuse again on mercy.And yes they wasted too many resourses on mercy the last year but mercy right now is unfun underpowered and kind of sad to play as.They have until the end of time to fix their mistake and we will be waiting

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Nah, its Brigitte.