Day 366 of the Mercy rework, and it's still the most complained about thing on these forums

I never said that. Don’t put words in my mouth.

To be fair, its the exact same situation on the other side too. From the get go its been guaranteed that if you even mentioned revert or another rework you’d get told you’re mental and attacked. “No aim, no brain, Mercy main” is the meme, and practically everyone knows it because its THAT common. That doesn’t happen unless its being slung around a ton.

Mercy’s tried to have discussions during the early stages of the reworks that required not sticking to one point and required having a discussion about the details, and we got pretty much nothing but trolled. We asked people to stop being obtuse and abusive and read the most basic of between the lines meaning and read what the implied meaning is rather than twist words for the sake of arguing, yet we got endlessly trolled. We stopped trying because we weren’t afforded the consideration to begin with.

Granted, thats not the right way to handle it, because it was a small portion of people doing it, but it was also the only portion engaging with us. Now you are experiencing the same thing in return that we experienced, and you’re seeing that it seriously sucks. This is why Mercy players have such a short fuse and why there is so much spam and aggression about it. Frankly, it is EVERYONE’S fault that things have gotten this way. In regards to the forums and hostilities and posts, it is absolutely 100% equally the non-Mercys fault and the Mercys fault for how things devolved into the hate fest we have today. But you know what? No one wants to be the adult and admit their part in it.

The non-Mercys wanted no part of discussing or acknowledging the very valid and thought out posts many Mercy players had about the rework. The devs never acknowledged any of the feedback other than to say effectively “feedback exists. We’re aware of it” yet ignored the content of it and openly perpetuated the misnomers people had about what Mercys wanted instead of reading the thread and reading the comments that said effectively this:
“Please! We don’t want her to be OP! We don’t want to be blamed for the rework we had no part of!”

There were people daily telling Mercys to get over the fact they got wrecked and to git gud over the perception that Mercys wanted her easy and OP. That was LITERALLY the majority extent of interaction with non-Mercys every day for months.

Now you’re seeing the exact opposite in return. Because it was 100% acceptable for Mercys to be treated this way, there are a lot of Mercys now treating everyone else this way. Its wrong, but its completely understandable if you put yourself in someone elses shoes.

The problem of course falls 100% back to the developers and their refusal to reevaluate this whole thing after it became excruciatingly clear that the rework was not working out well. They should have pulled it back and reverted and then made a much more aggressive effort to use the PTR with some incentives to get people playing it and testing out their “ten different iterations” of ways to address Rez, or test out different numerical adjustments, or test functional adjustments, etc.

Dumping Mercy 2.0 on live being broken OP AF with their entry into esports smeared with the constant vocal hate by large figures in the streaming and pro communities along with that video with Mercy effectively mocking what was happening to that portion of the playerbase while ignoring that we wanted NONE OF THIS, and they still refused to step back and say “we done screwed up, lets step this back to a more healthy stage and reevaluate how to make this happen the way we want”. It would have been insanely appreciated and would have done WONDERS to halt the torrential flood of toxicity that exploded out of every orifice of the forums and community throughout this process.

I’m getting friggin triggered because honestly this whole pile of crap rework was avoidable if it had been handled better, and now the community has been divided into two sides that hate each other because of the refusal on so many peoples parts to act like adults and their refusal to discuss things rationally at the start. It is etched into the old forums, and anyone can go back and see proof that everything I just said is EXACTLY what happened. Despite that, more than likely this post will be met with asshattery and trolling because that is what we as a community currently ARE.


What tf is this wording?

“It’s pretty disheartening to have Mercy just erase that moment with a full team rez”.

Basically, they were saying that the idea of a Mercy countering ult stacking is disheartening.

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“underpowered” It was never underpowered, Mercy has been meta since season 1

The thing with ult stacking is that it helps you win the fight, however, you won’t have any ultimates to even have a chance to win the next fight. Mercy had no counters, it was extremely problematic and needed to be removed, period.

Cool but then there’s the rest of the match. Ult stacking above 2 will give you a disadvantage for the next fight.

I’ll give you an hour to read this:


I hope if they ever do bring mass rez back, that they make it so painfully skill based, half the mercy players will drop her because they can’t hack it.

That’s exactly what I want lol. I want to be able to have something to show for the time I’ve put into her, and to be able to do something that not everyone can do

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A rare tactic that only the trolls, SR exploiters, and casual players used. Sad part about all of this is if it weren’t for Competitive, the SR exploit would never have been a contributing factor to the revert. Sorry to sound matter-of-factly here, but I’d say that adding Competitive is what drew all the hate towards Mass Rez. It was vilified in the casual days, sure, but it got exponentially worse when the e-sport aspects were introduced. An ult that steals your quadruple-kill ult POTG? Unacceptable!

Also, you know what else disheartens players from winning? Allow me to list them.

  • Tactical Visor
  • Death Blossom
  • Barrage
  • Bomb
  • Deadeye
  • Graviton Surge + Dragonstrike or any high-damage ult
  • Rip-Tire
  • Nano Boost + Earthshatter
  • Tank Config
  • Dragonblade
  • Blizzard
  • Pulse Bomb
  • EMP
  • Primal Rage
  • Any combination of the above listed

If you’re going to accuse one ult of being disheartening to play against, you need to accuse them all of the same. Because NONE OF THEM are fun to play against unless you’re good. And, the reason Mass Rez was demanded to be removed was because most people weren’t good enough to counter it or save their ults for the right moment. Say what you want about counters, there were ways to prevent Mass Rez and you know damn well what they were. Hardly anybody but the flankers wanted to put forth the effort to try, though. Now, the one ult that could have really saved a team from defeat is gone because one crowd screamed louder than the other. Now, everyone can get their amazing POTG’s without fear.


The only one that is disheartening is OLD gravdragon.

If you died to any other of your listed ults, you got outplayed. If you learn, you will not get outplayed.

And EMP is also disheartening, your’e right.

The only way to ‘counter’ mass rez was to leave the point, and the rest of your team, to play hide and seek with Mercy. Yeah man so many counters.

The real reason mass rez was taken away was because it promoted a very unhealthy playstyle for a main healer.

Yeah, a hiding Reaper coming out to drop on the team and press Q is getting ‘outplayed’…

considering it can be blocked by barriers,walls,DM,and he can get stunned out of it yeah he outplayed the team

Predict things. Say to yourself ‘Oh reaper has been destroying our tanks and I have not heard DIE DIE DIE. He must have an ult.’ Then try to keep an eye on him. Say ‘Oh reaper isn’t with the team in main, watch the backline.’

Either let your team know this and ask them to save a cc (sleep dart, flashbang, charge, hook, reflect) and take care of him. Or try to save your own. Or put a blue barrier in front of him. Or have a Widow dink him because he can barely move in ult and a Widow won’t be close enough to die.

So yeah, you were outplayed.

I see 3 Mercy posts today. This is hardly enough to declare a MOST COMPLAINED state.

On a bad day you can find upwards of 20 Brigitte posts per hour.

^ there you go, that’s why she was reworked. Many people pros, business forced to Jeff.

I didnt knew only pros played on ladder play :thonking:

“forced” how so for what for having a opinon about a hero
and “bussiness” what does that even mean

Sponsors, decision makers.

Do you have any proof of this cause It’s bloody crazy to think any sponsers care about the balance of the game much less have infulence in balanceing

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I personally still enjoy Mercy a lot, but her ult definitely feels lackluster. The added mobility is pretty much all I enjoy about it, and part of the reason for that is how it helps me get away from some other ults, like riptire and dragonblade.
Increasing valk speed by 25% to half that January nerf and giving her a single-target beam with pumped up heals and possibly pumped up dmg boost would be nice. And rez, if available, is instant. And because of the pumped up heals and instarez you could reduce the time for her ult to 8 to 10 seconds instead of 15.
(No slow but a cast time during ult would also be acceptable.)