Damn, that PTR... It's something else


Okay, so, I’ve seen the changes on the PTR and, for the most part, they’re great changes, especially Sym’s teleporter interact range making turret bombs and Grav escapes more consistent and orisa’s reload changes making her ability to protect her team all the better. But there are somethings that, in my opinion, seem unnecessary.

D. Va’s defence matrix range for example. Why? Are the devs turning her into Mercy? This is the 5th (I think) nerf in a row, and they’ve all been defence matrix nerfs. Yes, it’s a strong and unique ability that only D.Va has, but look what happened to Mercy: they’ve had to nerf nearly ever aspect of her kit to balance Ressurect. Are they gonna just keep needing other parts of D.Va when they’re finished with DM? What’s next? Reduced knock back and damage when hitting an enemy with her boosters? Micro-missles cool down increased? D.Va players are getting worried with these constant nerfs, and they have every right to be. To all the D.Va players out there, we’ll be thinking of you.

Next is Torb’s damage nerf with his secondary fire. Hello? Why is this happening? A lot of torb’s strength comes from his overload and turret, so what’s he supposed to do now if he doesn’t have overload? It’s not a massive change, but nerfing his overall damage output just seems unnecessary, especially since he has to be pretty close to an enemy for his secondary fire to even be effective. His 50 armour buff 2 patches ago was great, but this damage nerf seems to make that redundant since now he just doesn’t have any need to be that close to an enemy anymore if his primary fire is just more reliable in terms of overall damage output. Its safer playing him at a range again since its gonna be harder for him to confirm kills up close without his speed and fire rate boosts with overload.

I’m not even gonna talk about Mcrightclick over there, especially since he’s now even more of a threat. I’m having PTSD all over again. If you wanna see how ridiculous this is, check out a clip on YouTube if you’re on console, or just try him in the PTR. It’ s a little terrifying.

Overall, it’s a good patch. It’d be nice to see some more changes on there (An increased range of Sym’s gun/50 additional shields for example, maybe a compensation for D.Va?) but its a pretty good patch besides the outliers listed above. This sorta turned into a rant (which wasn’t my aim, I’m actually quite happy with the PTR and, as a symmetra player, these changes are welcome) but the D. Va, mccree and torb changes just seem pointless in my opinion. Thoughts on the PTR?


“Nerf this!” (ejects + uses ult)


My god, don’t feed the fire!


Thank you! I really hate that they keep nerfing my favorite heroes. I really have a strong urge to quit playing this game forever if this goes live.


I wish they would just remove Defense Matrix and be done with it. Pretty much all her nerfs as recent have been massive nerfs to DM.

As for Torb…I have no idea why they’re nerfing a character that’s barely played. I mean I understand he can be powerful and just destroy Winston (but so can Reaper and for the same reason) but I rather they give him more power to his primary/secondary fire and less to his turret. (I also wish they would reduce the range of the turret but massively increase it’s damage output so it can be used as trap, anti-flank, or just a fallback point.)


I’ve already turned in my MEKA flightsuit and put on Deadlock Gang colors. Maybe when the next MEKA hero is released I’ll consider re-enlisting, but for now it’s the outlaw life for me.

It’s really the armor nerfs that have ruined her IMO, the steady destruction of D.M. is just salt in the wound. I don’t know why they are nerfing her again when the meta is still shifting and her pickrate is still falling with recent tank-nerfs and damage-buffs.


You mean McLeftClick.


Must have been McClicks


Do what you gotta do (Not going to be missed) … you just want to keep playing Characters that have OP abilities and complain about the characters that get a buff that counter your character. Your totally biased. I welcome all these changes DVA matrix in my opinion in this Ptr nerf isn’t even enough they should dial it back even more.


If you think dm is op, please dont reply to me.