Damage orb is worse then scatter


Over a longer period of time. Higher total damage? Yes. More melting then scatter? No.

Scatter could ONE shot some tanks and place others within range of any follow up killing them.

Your argument is that scatter is less melting. Which is incorrect.


So my choices are an ability that could one shot an Orisa or randomly kill a squishy around a corner(aka, widow V Hanzo fights were super tilted)

Orrr a sucky orb that does 60dps and moves predictably and slowly that can be countered by “just W 4head?”

I’ll keep my orb thx


DPS Orb at least has counter play:

  • Barriers
  • Have the tank soak it
  • Genji/D.Va
  • Movement

Scatter was “Sometimes you’ll get one shot, sometimes you won’t. You can’t explain that.”


How so?

Also Genji isn’t a good counter for it.

Movement is the best counter for it. See it coming? just move away…


I don’t think they’re comparable even a little…

  • 475 instant damage shot or absolutely no damage

  • 50 DPS for a maximum of 200 spread amongst targets

The only thing that is similar is the possibility it’ll hurt someone that’s in a room around the corner but even then; it’s not the same type of damage at all.

Duh, one is clearly physical damage and the other one is magical. It doesn’t require the same type of protection lol.


Blizz can we SHOOT damage orbs, as well as DYNAMITE to kill them?


I’m sorry but honest to God how do so many people have problems with Moira? She’s so easy to deal with. The orbs can’t kill you unless it’s entirely your fault.

Honestly I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. Am I playing a different game than everyone else??


“rng” lmao, uh no.

It has a set trajectory, set damage, and bounces off of walls at a predictable angle. It’s slow moving and avoidable, and even if she throws it right at your face, simply moving the right direction makes it so you’ll take 10 damage at most.

Learn “Simple Geometry” Mr. Scatter arrow lawyer.


It only tickles you in a group.

It’s super slow

It’s a waste of a good healing ability

It has a lot of counters, you just chose to ignore them


Take it like this, if you’re being damage orbed, nobody else is on your team, be a hero and take the fall for your team.


You can literally outbpace it by walking. That is the easiest counter play there is.


You want it, a 10-second cooldown that frequently amounts to a up to a third of Moira’s overall throughput, to be nerfed by 70%?


Any damage Moira can do is hard-countered by literally any healing. Her sustained damage is beyond a joke. Once you account for cleave, AOE effects, and secondary fire modes, she is the worst possible damage dealer in the game at her peak output… which is ~58 DPS sustained if she constantly uses orb (to full effect) off cool-down, if I recall correctly.

If you want something to complain about, you should try fighting a high rank Widow or Tracer and then see how you feel about a silver Moira main’s damage output.

Moira and Soldier are about the only truly fair fights you’ll get in Overwatch.


Here’s a suggestion. Eat it or Heal up.


Shh, don’t actually try to speak sense to these people who act on emotion rather than logic. They swear Scatter is actually worse than discord orb but pro players know better.


Or, just be aware of your surroundings when at low health.


How is in RNG?

The balls do 200 damage every time, unlike scatter

And you can read its bounces quickly if you know geometry


Moira doesn’t need any changes


Also OP

This is for you


Hatey the hater would disagree