Daily thread of Please fix Sombra, bug list inside!

Bumping for visibility

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Added! Thanks, I only had a few examples of that one.

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Was reviewing one of my oldest sombra videos and saw how hacking genji worked back then.

The good old days


This is so frustrating to watch!

I was about to comment on how frustrating it is to hack high speed targets. However, the video above did the job for me.

A small bump. It’s been 4 months Blizz!


lmao, fitzy looking into the camera, he’s so done

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It happened to me…


I’m a Sombra main recently, and as much as I love to play her in theory the reality is that she’s too glitchy to play without putting your team at risk. I searched out this thread to add my name to the list of disgruntled Sombra players, thank you to everyone who has put so much effort into this thread. Please Jeff, fix the damn bugs. Until then, I’m a-Mei-zing.

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lol so many times I do the same when in comms “X is hacke- no wait…”

On another note, who is excited about the Sombra July PTR? I’m mostly just worried…

Anybody ran into bugs lately? I’ve been playing mostly Moira and Bastion since the PTR change (And spending more time on FarCry5), but i don’t recall running into one the few times i’ve played her, which is a good thing. Either i haven’t run into anything that stands out (Haven’t been doing much gameplay reviewing either, coz farcry), or i’ve been lucky.

I do recall hack breaking once, but that one’s circumstance is rather questionable so i don’t count it.

Translocator bugs are still there, the hack LoS bugs seems to be fixed though so that’s great news. I’m thinking of marking it as fixed in the buglist, what do you guys think?

Hi Leith and fellow heroes,

In a continued effort to be more transparent about which interactions are or aren’t bugs, alongside which ones are currently higher priorities to fix, one of our developers provided some valuable insight.

Today we’d like to share that with you:

Bugs 1, 3, 4, 5, 9, 12, 13: These are noted bugs that we’re working to fix.
Bug 6: Translocator is now remote destroyable, which resolves this case.
Bugs 2, 2.1: Fixed in patch 1.21 (went LIVE in mid march). Translocate will now attempt to teleport you to the newest valid position it finds (as it travels through the air).
Bug 7: This has been drastically improved since the 1.21 patch.
Bug 8: Line-of-sight tracking improvements are now live.
Bugs 10, 14: Fixes for these two bugs are now live.
Bug 11: In the 1.26 patch we reduced the radius of the translocator projectile from 0.2 to 0.02 meters. This only affects flight, but should generally reduce instances where it deflects off of corners unexpectedly.

We appreciate the constructive feedback and examples provided, as it assists us in identifying and ultimately resolving many of these issues. :ok_hand:

Thank you to all the contributors. We salute you.


Now THAT is a proper response!


Thank you. I’m looking forward to more of her bugs getting fixed.

However regardless of this Sombra is still not going to be a good pick.

Now if only we could get a similar radius reduction for Sym turrets to avoid latching onto unintended objects / walls.


Welcome to the real Sombra buff.


Can anyone confirm if the LoS issues are actually fixed in the most recent patch? Because they were still an issue pre-Hammond, and I know some of Fitzy’s clips were taken from PTR recently.