Daily reminder: Valkyrie is unengaging to use


I didn’t say that. What I said is I think you’re wrong and that it was entertaining to read

You didn’t mention your opinion in what I just quoted, but we’ll give you the benefit of the doubt I guess.
Also the title of the thread is very “as a matter of fact” and you know it lol

This is, of course, false. Just because it spreads out doesn’t mean you don’t juggle or worry about beam prioritization. There could easily be several teammates out of beam distance that you still have to juggle between. Not to mention there could be two groups of your teammates that all need healing.

So I’m able to find several ways that this is false. And right off the top of my head at that.

You can always Guardian Angel to anyone within reach, that’s sort of, you know, the ability. Also that’s not even true, you need LoS.

Less need to avoid danger? You’re a sitting duck if you just fly up for several ultimate abilities and many character’s primary fire. You have to use cover strategically and know when to fly up or stay closer to the ground. All of these things differentiate a good Mercy from a bad one. A bad one will fly up every time and get killed, not so much with a good one.

So, again, this is wrong.

Since you have freedom of movement you can use more things for cover if you are a good Mercy while you are trying to get a resurrection off. You have to know whether it is worth using the precious seconds you have in Valkyrie

You’re never in a position that you need it? Really? Somehow I doubt that. There are definitely times that, no matter how good you are, you need to use Valkyrie to be able to survive in the fight longer.

To say otherwise is to, nearly, deny that flankers exist.

Hey, nice use of sarcasm!

Many of your claims are simply wrong and I know that engaging you will just make you double-down instead of actually considering your position is wrong.

That’s why I responded the way I did, because I don’t think this will go anywhere.
Hopefully I’m wrong


Sounds like your opinion of the title, I concluded that without it being labeled as so

So, let’s say one teammate is far out of the way and Valk is a way to reach them. You’ve now ulted only to gain 10hps more for one target who shouldn’t be out of position anyways. You’re team is split in two? Well Valk is gonna make it easier to heal them all with the chain beams, cause you’ve only got to target one person in each group.

The only threat you have midair in Valk is 3 DPS out of the roster(Mccree, widow, hanzo). Soldiers damage needs to be incredibly consistent or else the self regen outweighs it. Even with those hitscan your speed boost plus random GAs reduces chances to be shot quite substantially if you’re in the air. It’s just safer to be up high where most of the hero roster can’t reach you, or if they try to severely wastes their time.

You also talk about cover/position/hiding as a good mercy, which is true, but that’s all base kit Mercy. That’s not something new in Valk you have to learn, Valk just makes it easier with speed boost and GA boost. Again reducing the skill ceiling.

Cause insults are always what discussion needs…


DPS Valk is an actually accepted strat. A veteran Mercy when using pistol during her ult can thrash the enemy team alone.


true but at the same time valkyrie also makes it hella easier which effectively lower the skill floor and couple that with the fact that the beam length also increases during valk, (and the chain heals removing much of the juggling decision making) is why people sometimes feel like it needs a bit unengaging. because a lot of the things that mercy is supposed to be good at, valkyrie not only buffs but does a lot of the job for you.


Think again


The projectile speed increase was removed within the first PTR that Mercy was reworked. It never made it to live. The only change to her pistol is that it has infinite ammo, there is no other change apart from that.


enough people also post similar that it is pretty obvious there is a problem there.


I use Valkyrie all the time outside of team fights to simply heal tanks up at the same speed as Ana or Moira could


D.Va in the patch notes that brought Valkyrie live it literally says

  • Caduceus Blaster: Now has infinite ammo and increased projectile speed


I mean, I could live with beam juggling, but the thing that annoys me is Valkyrie’s range. I can be floating God knows where and still be able to be as much effective as if I was in the middle of the battlefield. (I’d write something like "we need to nerf Valk, but gosh does it sound weird)


could “nerf” it and maybe give a little buff to the healing or have it heal more the closer you are


If they aren’t going to rework Mercy and keep her as she is, then she still needs some work in Valk

100% agree here. Mercy has always been a single target healer. I dont know why her ult has to be AoE heals.

The problem however with this is that Valk last for 15 seconds. People already complain that trying to kill things with a Mercy pocket is annoying and thats because Mercy’s healing isn’t on a cooldown, resource system or reload system and she doesn’t have to aim and stronger healing for 15 seconds would be a pain.

Personally, I would rather take a Valk beam that is single target with very strong heals and can damage boost at the same time at the cost of Valk being much shorter in duration. This also means that a good Mercy player will know exactly when to use it. Right now it feels like, just pop it when you get it, why not.

Valk Changes

  • Valk duration 10 seconds (from 15 seconds)
  • Beam range increased to 40 meters (from 30)
  • Beam no longer breaks while preforming a Res
  • Single target beam for healing/damage (from splitting AoE beam)
  • 125 HPS (from 60HPS) AND 30% damage boost beam during Valk (the beam will be 1 stream of yellow and blue mixed together)
  • Valk no longer grants unlimited ammo
  • Range on Res is increased by 100% to 10 meters (from 5 meters)
  • Cast time on Res reduced by 50% to 0.88 seconds (from 1.75)
  • Regeneration increased by 50% to 40hps (from 20hps) during Valk
  • Regeneration can now be interrupted by taking damage
  • Ult charge increased by 5%


  • Reduce reload time to 1.25 seconds (from 1.5 seconds)
  • Increase projectile speed to 50mps (from 40mps)


  • Beams no longer break from target when activating Valk


  • Switching between Staff and Blaster is 50% faster

I think those changes make Mercy a little more skillful in deciding when to use Valk and how to use Valk. Going battle Mercy, while still possible and effective, is much more risky with this change and encourages you to use your time wisely.

Having a single beam that heals and damage boosts for a shorter duration also adds more skill in deciding who you are going look after during your ult.

Your positioning also would require a little more thought because Regen can now be interrupted by taking damage, hence the extra range on beam


Love this idea!
Juggling is one of the most fun aspects of her and this idea makes it a necessity.
As well, there’s nothing in this rework that makes her get anything guaranteed, I’m not a super fan of instant rezzes cause they arent avoidable.

The regen fix is a blessing for Mercy and DPS, we get better health gain but the DOS also have a better chance of getting us.


Big mood: the #Reworkmercy crew saying Valkyrie is bad for high ranked good Mercy players because it dumbs Mercy’s gameplay / is unnecessary because they’re already good surviving etc etc etc only to have big name high ranked Mercy streamers say that valk is fine but would be fine with small tweaks. :thinking:


opposed to the like 20 ults that require you to press q once at the right moment and then hope your team follows up


If you see that as an insult then you need to get a thicker skin honestly.

You just doubled down exactly like I said you would and didn’t raise any new points or any points that actually counter my own.

Have a good day


You want some new points?

How about the fact that Valkyrie neither provides an obvious burst or power nor a play style shift unless Mercy goes attack helicopter?

The chain beams are… difficult at best to see what effect they are having and the buff to your primary beam (which is easy to notice) is a measly 10 HPs.

What do you do outside of Valkyrie? Fly, heal, and boost. What do you do in Valkyrie? Fly, heal, and boost.

No power boost + No play style shift = uninteresting.


No. He can keep giving feedbacks until devs finally do their job and address the problems.


I disagree completely. I’m linking a thread I made a few weeks ago about how engaging Valkyrie can be and how much I love it for that reason. It includes video evidence of heavy engagement and impact.


One of valk’s biggest strengths is how much it helps Mercy survive though by allowing her tons of mobility, self healing through damage, and better positioning for an extended period of time.

Good mercys absolutely will use it to help them survive in a tough enough brawl. I don’t like Valk much as an ult either, but that view point doesn’t make sense to me.

Edit: Cleaning the post up a little.