D.Va mech bugged? Or animation change?


Whenever D.Va’s mech is destroyed, it almost instantly disappears now. Is this supposed to be an animation change? Or is it a bug?

I personally don’t see a reason it should have been changed. Has any gameplay changed in addition to this?

(Derek Mulder) #2

Thanks for the report! This bug also affects Brigitte’s shield not regenerating properly, and has been fixed.


also take a look at an enemy brigitte putting her shield up while is burning - her shield turns completely opaque


Friend had same problem, also ult didnt explode, and respawned as baby dva.


That seems really odd that it would affect Brig’s shield and Dva’s mech simultaneously :thinking: Makes me wonder how the code structure is concerning that stuff.


I’m thinking it’s part of the same category of sprites or entities & so they we’re disappearing very fast which caused D.va’s mech to despawn too fast & Brigitte’s shield to despawn when it got broken… idk


That bug is on live too, and it’s not just enemy Brigs.