D.Va is not Over Powered


D.Va’s popularity is because Reinhardt and Zarya are under powered and need buffs to compete with the current meta. It doesn’t hurt that she’s fun to play and a Waifu either.

Change my mind.

Note: I am not saying she’s not strong. I’m just not convinced her strength is why she’s so popular.

EDIT: Hey all, I am editing this just to request we lay off some of the harsher comments. Yes, we all have strong opinions. Some of us really like D.Va as she is, some of us really don’t. Just try to be more respectful of each other.

Also, just to clarify, I’m actually on board with minor nerfs to her missiles. I just don’t think that alone will accomplish what some of the more vocal anti-D.Va voices are after which is why I suggest improving Rein & Zarya. There have been some very good posts explaining why Rein is weaker now than people think. I suggest reading this post for a good example:

> https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/overwatch/t/crusader-offline-the-story-of-how-reinhardts-shield-was-chipped-away/19398


Yes she is, there i change your mind.


So Rein and Zarya are underpowered now? Power creep at it’s finest

Please tell me you also thought 20 damage soldier was fine as well


At every lvl of play there she is.


Explain her 95% pickrate in OWL. Her “popularity” has nothing to do with her pickrates in a competitive setting.


:slight_smile: Well, that did it. I am now convinced.

But on a serious note, yes she is strong. But is her popularity really a result of that? It seems to me that her popularity is not directly tied to her strength but rather other factors such as weakness in other tanks.


agreed she is just too good , broken , POWERFULL, GREAT and has the ability to delete most characters in 1 sec not op though right ?


“20 damage soldier was fine”

That’s you right now


I was actually OK with 20 damage soldier personally.


Well there we go. A fan of power creep confirmed


I stipulated that already. My point is that her popularity is due to other factors.


is that so?, or she is easy to play easy, easy to learn and offer too much ?.


Her OWL pick rates, in my opinion, are more due to lack of viable alternatives. Reinhardt’s shield is not withstanding the current amount of spam and damage thrown at it. And Zarya pairs best with a Reinhardt and would need something to be picked with other main tanks.


so is Moira and Mercy. Thus Mercy needs to be removed (the next logical nerf) and Moira has to be nerfed


Dva isn’t op. No one ever complains about her in game. Only on the forums where people discuss pickrate. If we didn’t know pickrates no one would say dva is op


Reinhardt has four times the pickrate of Orisa and a higher pickrate than Zarya. D.Va is used more than Roadhog with Orisa and is used almost as much as Zarya is with Reinhardt. She isn’t just used in Dive at all.


I wouldn’t say she is OP. Maybe she could get toned down a notch. Bringing down the damage per shot on MM a little would probably do it.


Boi on console everything is different. All these heroes are op Dva, Symmetra, Torbjorn, Moira, Sombra and maybe even Winston But I think he takes the most skill out of these heroes. Blizzard save console plz


She still works with Rein comps.


What’s their pro pickrate? I hate Moira with a passion but what is her pro pickrate?