D.va is below 50% win rate in ladder

It’s the third time you’re making this post in two weeks, get over it.

And you don’t even seem to know what you’re talking about, you can only duo or solo in GM now.


you can run as a 3 stack in GM, which was what was announced last.

if you have proof otherwise would love to see it.

cool story bro thanks for the info

“Oh no my main is not a must pick anymore for two weeks now so I have to complain”


Wait until 2-2-2 happens and her pick rate plummets, her win rate drops, and after 4 months of that, people go back to her S1 status is “throw pick”.

The restriction was to groups no larger than 2. The announcement is here.


She’s very weak now. She went from being the champ dive tank, to a dive glass cannon, to just glass.


Where did this assertion come from?

Is Ana underpowered? She’s at 49% overall, right with dva

are sym and Torbjörn overpowered? Theyre one of the absolute highest.

What about Briggs? She’s almost at 54% overall- and unlike most heroes who have low win rates down low and high win rates up high and have an overall somewhere in the middle- she’s basically this number across all ranks. That must be monstrously overpowered right?

So we need to buff dva. Buff Ana. Nerf Briggs more. Nerf sym. Nerf torb.

Just trying to understand how all this works.



its almost like high skill heroes don’t have high winrates because most people aren’t good enough play them properly

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thats how they rank champs over at LOL which makes sense if you think about it. OW is also a moba so the same would apply.

Brigg is weak in a 2-2-2 comp your going to see her win rate plummet once stage 4 hits the scene.

But in the case of Ana, the answer is that she is a high skilled hero. Those types tend to have low win rates for people that dont main them. But for those who do main them they tend to have high win rates.

But thats also hard to say because unlike HOTS, we dont have that sort of data to see how heroes perform on a “WR based on hours played”.

Her overall WR always fluctuates around 50%, even in the 6 months period.


It really doesn’t, though, partly because of the number of champions vs. the number heroes, partly because of the sharp differentiation in hero role in Overwatch, partly because of the possibility of mirror matches.

An out of control overpowered hero in overwatch will have almost exactly a 50% win rate… because they will be picked on both teams in almost every match.

On the other hand, very weak heroes often have extremely high win rates, at least in high rank, because only dedicated specialists use them at all.

It’s really impossible to say anything meaningful about hero strength without looking at both pick and win rate, and it’s extremely difficult to compare across classes.

That said, D.va is 2nd from last among tanks in pick and win rate in diamond and master, and is only middle of the pack in grandmaster (3rd of 7 in win, 4th of 7 in pick).

That suggests to me that she’s doing quite poorly at high skill levels, until you get to the level where GOATS is a viable option, but its possible there’s some other D.Va comp that grandmasters can carry off that the other ranks can’t.

At lower ranks, D.Va’s doing okay. Her mobility probably helps her take advantage of badly positioned players, as well as giving an escape for equally badly positioned players who are playing her.


No point posting about D.Va balance on these forums. D.Va was nerfed because of her high pickrate in Plat and below which is the primary userbase of this forum - people here love the nerf.

It doesn’t matter if she’s trash in high ranks now, people here will still throw their ults into DM and blame anyone but themselves.


As far as I remember, Reinhardt had a higher winrate than D.Va ever since Dive died, and D.Va received 4 direct nerfs since then.

I doubt she’s getting mirrored much, with her 3.7% pickrate. That’s something you can expect of a hero at >10%, like Ana or Orisa in higher tiers.

Ana is mirrored most matches, D.Va isn’t.

Is that supposed to be a good thing ? Is Reaper fine because he works in lower tiers ?


I’m pretty sure D.Va was nerfed (cooldown nerf, plus the game-wide armor and boop changes) because of GOATS.

Probably her D.M. range was nerfed simply because a 15m DM was giving them problems with the graphics, and maybe also because of GOATS. Certainly most players at low Elo didn’t understand her range well enough to make proper use of the extra 5m anyway except by accident.

If they nerfed her because of GOATs, they haven’t been paying much attention.
D.Va is the least essential hero in GOATs. Pros will simply put Sombra in her spot.

As for nerfing the range for graphics reasons, that’s just lazy.


It’s just an observation about her performance at low ranks, according to the data we have, to go along with my observations about her performance at other ranks.

I can’t argue with any of that.

Still, I believe that’s exactly what happened.

Lol the hero that counters Graviton Surge (the defining ult in the composition), the hero that contests high ground in the comp, she is not the must pick in the comp, but she is the perfect “band aid” in any comp.

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I think Tracer will be Lower. Too fast to cry