D.va cinematic might be coming with Gamescon

Blizzard’s gamescon poster has d.va in it.

With the fact that it also has azshara who will have her warbringer revealed with the gamescon, we can be safe to say that d.va will receive a cinematic.


Blizzard also said in the past months that they wanted to expand d.va lore

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It’s possible. However, last year Pharah was in the poster and we didn’t get anything about her.


You’re right but azshara and that old statement give me hope.

Fair enough. It might be her.

Can you explain to me the azshara thing?

Ok so at the moment : there is a serie named warbringer about major character of the new expansion of world of warcraft. We already had two of them the next was anounced to be Azshara (the naga at the center).

I just hope it’s one of this heroes : Zenyatta, D.Va, Lucio,Symmetra,Mercy.
Cuz we know little to nothing about their lore.

But tbh I’d be happy with Any lore so …

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Yeah, d.va is in the worst place she even lost lore.


Don’t get my hopes up, OP. Don’t toy with my heart like this.

Praise the lawd.
D.VA finally explained…

Although Sym VS Lucio might a cooler short to do…

I don’t find sym interesting, she is a litle boring. But Sanjay seems interesting

Pleasepleaseplease. :heart_eyes:

Pls no ruse blizzard i am already broken

I don’t like the guy but that unit lost guy from YouTube also made a point that some higher up Blizz devs like Jeff Kaplan and others will attend an event in SK for Overwatch right before Gamescom

Yeah I heard of that.

I would prefer a Symmetra or Pharah cinematic

Sym is uber boring but she will be relevant in the future. We don’t talk about pharah … The thing that is interesting with D.va is that she has nothing so they can build something.

Guys that would not be bad, but I am more hoping for a zen animated short. Give Zen Lore Blizzard do it please!

Zen has some link with other character. D.va… Is she even canon