D.va bomb eaten?


I was playing and noticed that the killfeed said the enemy d.va ate my ally’s d.va bomb.

It was small like when d.va eats grav and showed defense Matrix being used to “kill” the bunny ult icon.

How does this happen exactly?


D.Va was extra hungry!

Honest answer, I have no idea, bug perhaps?


It slumbers yet hungers
A thirst that surpasses even it’s suit
It bares no malice and knows not what it does
But it does so hunger…

A hunger to consume all, even from the void.

EDIT: If you listen close you might even hear… Geim-eul hamyeon, igyeoyaji… Is this easy mode?


That is a terrifying gif


I think it’s the same thing that happens that causes D.va to be able to control a Moira orb for a split second before eating it.

They probably tried dming it so it’s really just a false notification.



I would love to see someone like pyro here, a hero with good close range weapon, good midrange weapon, strong aoe dot damage, projectile reflection…a monster behind the mask with the innocence of a child.


It is bug…