D.va and Zenyatta nerfed


that’s a silly argument. if zen was moved to a dps category I’d argue that he’d need significant improvements to his damage (faster projectile speed, ideally). of course, I’d also argue that he shouldn’t really be doing much healing and he definitely shouldn’t have transcendence if he was a dps too.

the whole “oppressed support main” gag is incredibly boring. come up with an actual argument if you don’t want your hero nerfed instead of putting words in other people’s mouths.


roadhog is directly countered by reaper and doesn’t really pair with him all that well. d.va is only soft-countered by reaper and pairs with him extremely well (DM death blossom, help him burst down supports, contest ranged heroes to let reaper do his job). you sorta have a point with mei but reaper reinforces d.va’s pickrate more than anything unless you think we’re going back to zarya/rein deathball meta.

what’s the problem with reviving old metas anyways? I’d prefer a few months of triple tank or something to the 2nd straight year of dive.


Soldier 76 should be weak against a diving D.Va. Her entire job is to contest high ground.


Sure, her missles getting a 22% decrease in dmg isnt a lot…

Well, can we ALSO HAVE A 22% buff in defense matrix cooldown?!?

That isnt a lot too, right?


22% in explosive damage. That’s not 22% overall because of direct damage and thus not comparable to a flat 22% increase in DM


33% decrease in explosive damage, 22% decrease overall (9->7)


Im not saying buff the DM duration. Im saying the cooldown.

But its not a lot, right? Double standards people.

Btw her micro missle dmg are halved when going up against armored opponents.


This is silly. Zen already have zero ways to defend himself. Often, the only thing he can do is floating around a corner while charging. Releasing that into a flanker IS the only thing that he can do. And THAT is nerfed?? This is not what he “needs”.


Just the exact Reaper buff I wanted earlier, before he got the Wraith Form reload buff. Now he is literally a hellfire shotgun McCree with a Combat Roll.


yes. correct. but soldier shouldn’t have 0 counterplay to that. just like ana has sleep dart to outplay flankers, soldier has biotic field to deal with d.va. d.va should not be an instant “I win” button vs all hitscan.

edit: d.va’s entire job isn’t solely to contest high ground either. d.va’s primary duty will always be to peel for the rest of her team (primarily tanks and supports). contesting high ground is secondary. just like winston’s primary duty is to initiate fights, and his secondary job is to contest high ground & supports.


Hahaha exactly. This feels like it’s not a nerf to the character in general but a nerf to Jjonak.
The character himself still have plenty of weaknesses like the fact he doesn’t heal much and has 0 mobility and solutions againt flankers.


I didn’t hear from this!

My baby is nerfed!


that would defeat the purpose of trying to tone down a hero that is overperforming.


How would increasing her cooldown defeat the purpose? It’d be an additional nerf.

Zen on the other hand should get a 15% decrease to the charge time of his volley to compensate for the fire rate reduction, the point of the nerf wasn’t to bring him down strengthwise but rather just stop him sniping people with his right click, without compensation that’s just a nerf he didn’t need.


the way he was arguing it seemed like he was asking for a compensation buff.


I meant 22% buff.

My mistake


If the damage on her missiles are lowered then the range of her guns should be increased. But D.VA should not be touched to begin with.


I find it funny Hanzo mains here being able to mow through rows of players with lucky LMB headshots but Zen charging up for a few seconds and KOing someone makes the sky fall down? He also has to reload after several volleys y’know?


Dva needs to be nerfed more and Zenyatta is fine.


Why would the devs also buff her? That defeats the purpose of the nerf