Custom Legendary Bots V10 (300 Rules!)- Final Patch Notes + TRAILER

Amazeballs, man!

Somebody offer this guy a job on the Overwatch team since nobody else seems to be able to handle the AI programming like this!


New little update info available, yes Echo Bot is available too.


you never accepted it…

You didnt send me one. maybe you wrote my name wrong? add me: DalgonAI#2713 (not DalgonAL)

Looking forward to another great update. :+1:

I’m gonna’ miss having snipers, though. I kinda’ like being shot in the face!

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In 10.0 Bots can play TDM too (extra code), Only counts for the CP maps: Ilios, Nepal, Lijiang, Oasis


Looking forward to the release Sunday. :slight_smile:

Trailer is now Live…


Stop toying with my emotions!

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What do you mean :smiley:

I mean I would really be surprised if Blizzard doesn’t offer you a job to help develop the AI for OW2 since you’ve already got a good bit of the groundwork done here. Heck, why not shove the new Workshop code in Jeff’s Twitter and see what happens? :+1:

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Good job! It’s a really really huge work. Tbh blizzard should hire you. I know how difficult it is to make such a huge game mode. you told me it took 8-9 month to make this.
Fun fact about this game mode that you told me is you made the all cp maps few months ago but they had some bugs (love those bugs in illios map though :rofl::rofl:) But rn you added them all.
It’s a really really hug work. I’m a huge fan and I love all of your game modes.

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Codes are now live !!


The bots are pretty good (only a few navigation bugs on the other modes).

The AI active mode actually bugs out the default bots and makes them jump off edges lol, so I’m not sure how to disable the AFK mode.

End AI Mode with crouch. Fix some Issues next patch

I mean for the default blizzard bots if they’re on the opposite team, the AFK AI takes over them oddly and controls them, which made me wonder why the default AI was dominating the custom bots, so I spectated them and they kept jumping and it said “AI active”.

Playing without the default bots is otherwise fine.

The default AI count as a player so the system try to control them if they are afk. This mode was not made for other ai than mine. Adding other ai is your own risk.

I guess in the workshop, disable the AI active code? Hopefully that’ll work.

So um, they really love to jump off the edge, other or less this is super amazing!