Custom Hitboxes & Headshots

So I’m designing a Single-Player Boss Mode with 6 unique AI minions, one of which is Wrecking Ball; his Primary Power: Only Takes Damage from Headshots.

Problem: Not all characters can actually DO Headshots… Rein, Phara, Zarya, etc.

Does anyone know if it would be possible to create a custom hitbox around Hammond himself so that ALL heroes can actually kill him?

If so… how might one go about creating the box and connecting it to W. Ball’s HP?

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated, thanks guys!

Even if you made the hitbox bigger, you said it yourself, they still can’t headshot.

Can’t. Collision hitboxes cannot be modified or created.

For heroes who can’t headshot, you could probably make some very dodgy rule to double damage if they’re aiming at the player’s eye position (usually the head)
Just note that this wouldn’t count as a critical hit…

However, while in ball form, Hammond’s eye position is slightly above his hitbox, soo I don’t think there’s anyway to make him “headshottable”

Thanks for the input guys! As a solution I simply reworked Wrecking Ball instead, turning his weakness into Range; now he has extremely high Dmg Resistance at distances greater than 15m, and no Dmg Resistance at distances less than 7m.

During Ball Form his Dmg Resistance is set to 90%, making him nearly invincible, regardless of proximity.