Custa's Mercy comments


No point in this indeed. Without links this is just a he-said-she-said.

I guess.

Is Fuel still crap with her? I quit watching OWL for a while because of serious caster cringe. There should be an option to only hear game sounds, but it’s probably difficult to set up.


Good read. I remember people posted that Mercy required more game sense than other character and people flipped out. After the valk nerfs, and slow cool downs that make you sitting duck for free kills. It substantially made her harder to play and increase risk. Blizzard is too stubborn to increase her star difficulty and too lazy to update the animation/proper character description for months.


Google is hard to use now OK. Can’t get over how stubbron you really are. “Sorry, you can’t include links in your posts.” So yeah what ever, say what ever and believe what ever to what you deem fit. In order to fuel your agenda.


Okay. Google isn’t hard. Use it. Find every match, you’ll find Lucio and Zen and dive on both sides. The only deviations from dive I can think of is stuff like America suddenly using triple tank and getting stomped by Korea for it.

See? That’s not hard.

Oh jeez, I have an “agenda” now. Easy on the language, okay? You’re not debating world politics.



Forgive JuicyBrucie, they tend to be a hostile troll and even insist the Ana buffs of increase damage, heal through allies, and self nano is fake and “100% opinion/conjecture”

Then when you debunk them, they just get mad, change subjects, or strawman.


This is so true. When you do your job, there is nothing. But when you failed at something, you are a cancer and you should uninstall the game and learn to play Minesweeper instead.


if some characters are so easy to play, how come i always run into people who are so… bad at them?

the moira who throws a damage orb when she’s critical health, the mercy who heals the tank up to full instead of healing their soldier who then dies, the brigitte who thinks she’s a flanker. (all real people i’ve run into in comp.)

i’m not saying they’re hard, they’re really not lol, but if they’re SO easy then how can people who aren’t throwing be so bad at them?


I disagree, Mercy has the hardest job of defending herself and making the right decision because her Blaster isn’t all that well Equipped for taking out enemies unless they’re 25% or less on health and if your good with it and can land the headshots then maybe at 50%. But she is a very heavy set Decision character that one wrong move can lead to a disaster outcome not only for you but your team as well.


Ana and Mercy are two completely different healers in terms of playstyle. It’s unfair to compare them this way.


okay but ana the more skill intensive healer needs the same decision making.



Different kind of callouts. Mercy is fairly poor at knowing which enemies are vulnerable, unless she’s in valk where she automatically sees injured enemies HP bars. Lucio and Zen are great for calling targets to attack and Mercy rarely is, that’s definitely true.

Mercy is however better than either of them at knowing enemy positions and ult charges. Because of the way she heals she knows who is taking damage, how much they are taking, and where it is coming from. Lucio doesn’t know that at all, Zenyatta might, but he’s usually too busy fragging to notice. Knowing how much damage is incoming and from where leads to knowing who on the enemy team is building their ult and how quickly, so she’s far better at calling out when the enemy is ready to combo than other healers.

Also enemy positions. Lucio and Zen tend to be focused just where the action is. Mercy pulls back and sees more of the overall fight. She’s often the first person to know if an enemy is flanking, and she’s also better situated to realize when the enemy has pulled back to regroup. Combined with her above knowledge of ult generation and Mercy is the prime candidate for calling out enemy strategy. That’s her callout game.

This was even more true back when Mercy had her mass res. The primary skill of a Mercy player at that time was to be able to avoid the enemy ults, which came down to knowing when and where they were coming from. Not so much about hiding as “coincidentally” being just 10 feet behind the group when the Gravaton hits. It was all about reading the enemy to make big plays, now if she wants a big play all she can do is communicate and hope someone else can capitalize on that information for her.


I agree with most of what he says, but there’s also the mechanical monopoly that she has that keeps her a top pick.

Mercy is the only viable rez hero in the game. The only other rez hero we have is hot garbage (Symmetra) and is due to lose her competing mechanic (teleporter) as competition.

This is going to stay the way that it is until mercy gets competition for Rez.

That said, I want a new rez hero just to give Mercy some competition in that space (which I’m actually thinking we’re going to get with the next support hero released since the Devs have stated that the next three heroes are going to be pure role-targeted heroes and not hybrids).

On top of that, I’d also like to see a hero or two released that’s as decision-making based as Mercy to give mercy players heroes to transfer skills to. Mercy is notoriously bad for skill transfer. Her playstyle is so unique, if you main her it’s like you’re playing a different game from the rest of us. If you try to take what you learn playing Mercy and use it with any other heroes, almost nothing transfers and you’re basically starting from square one.

I’d like to see more decision-based heroes to let mercy-fans/mains/onetricks transfer their skills more easily. Specifically I’d like to see a decision-based DPS, and a decision-based Tank. That way Mercy players can flex a lot more than they do without having to put in double the work of the aimbros.


People really need to grow up and get over mercy by now. She’s not going to be nerfed anymore, it would be really horrible for the game if she was. It’s done, move on.


Then why does almost every other DPS OWL player get in an interview and starts spurting out no aim no brain propaganda?


Good post. Yeah, a lot of the better players in the game know that Mercy’s role is unique and it poses its own challenges, she is by no means a skill-less character like some say.


While interesting, I wouldn’t say Mercy’s decisions are necessarily impactful. She offers value for her teammates, so long as she gets value back from her teammates. In other words, I could be damage boosting a Widowmaker all day or healing everyone and not really being killed but if my teammates aren’t getting eliminations still then my efforts are in vain.

I’d like to hope she doesn’t receive anymore nerfs, but instead another rework at a later date. The current rework has problems and the Overwatch team are still, well, being childish I guess… in regards to Mercy’s megathread (using it as a waste bin to silence Mercy discussion on the main forum instead of the purpose it claims).


I thought this was known?
Lots of heroes have low mechanical skill requirments so you can focus on other things, problem is there are actually very few people who focus on those other things.


Personally, I don’t think she needs to be nerfed, (Only real argument for it would be in the pro scene) but something about the game needs to change in order to make the other supports viable again. If mercy nerfs did that (which I don’t think they would) then they would be good for the game, but that is not the case.