Current forum hero representatives

I thought this would be a fun and happy idea for a thread. Let’s put together a list of each hero’s CURRENT (as in active) “representative” here on the forums. :partying_face: By “representative”, I mean someone who confidently mains/plays the hero, is popularly associated with that hero, and is active in discussions about them. They might do things like explain aspects of the hero’s playstyle, or discuss potential balance changes

Everyone is welcome to discuss, and the list may be subject to change at any time :sparkles:

D.Va - HanaSolo + DmonDiff
Doomfist - SidewaysGts
Junker Queen - GreenTrotsky
Orisa - (TBD)
Ramattra - (TBD)
Reinhardt - LuckyDucky12 + Alexa
Roadhog - ThiccBuddha + Sanguivorous
Sigma - (TBD)
Winston - (TBD)
Wrecking Ball - (TBD)
Zarya - Ornery

Ashe - (TBD)
Bastion - Electro71 + Touster
Cassidy - AKJ
Echo - KevinAteNine
Genji - Domicci
Hanzo - (TBD)
Junkrat - Toast + JestersHeart
Mei - (TBD)
Pharah - Trando
Reaper - Mugen
Sojourn - (TBD)
Soldier: 76 - ĆħiŷöņǾŞåĸę
Sombra - (TBD)
Symmetra - Ranulf + Arcadium
Torbjörn - Roly (Apparently he left? But I’m willing to make an exception to the activity requirement here)
Tracer - CoolUsername + Crepsly
Widowmaker - IbukiLacroix + WickedFrisbe

Ana - Trilly
Baptiste - Potatoad + KumaKuma
Brigitte - Stär
Illari - (TBD)
Kiriko - KirikoDiff
Lifeweaver - Ayanga + Twist
Lúcio - Bees!
Mercy - Tatianna + Trickster
Moira - Moira + Regal
Zenyatta - RanYakumo


My votes:

D.Va: HanaSolo + DmonDiff
Junker Queen: GreenTrotsky


Genji = Domicci
Ana = Trilly
Cass = AKJ
Doomfist = SidewaysGts
Roadhog = ThiccBuddha
Mugen = Reaper
Zenyatta = RanYakumo


Nice idea star, i will save this thread cuz i would love to know more about other people that like to main ramattra.


This list is looking good so far :pray:

Do iiiiit
Be the Brig™


Yea, I’m not really sure of anyone else on Brig that seems as obvious to me in my travels.


They should limit resurrection to her ultimate and replace it’s current slot with a staff ability

Whoever is TBH, that’s one hell of a flex player.


The best choice

My vote goes to:

  • Ranulf
  • Amag203
  • Tobsi

Or even myself actually, even though I feel these three deserve it more.

Tied between MooshPaw or Deykar.


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Thanks for all the input so far y’all :dancer:

Oh geez I feel like there should be one per hero but it’s so hard to choose between these two :smiling_face_with_tear:

On that note, when there are multiple candidates or ties like this, I think I’ll wait until someone seems to have a bit of a lead before adding them to the list

:blush: :sparkling_heart:
I’ve gone ahead and added myself in there

When worlds collide

No worries, I know this thread and the one about Pharah+Mercy were hanging around the top of the list at the same time xD


I promise to keep this in mind when I charge into enemy teams alone.

TBF, I never blame my team when I do that (and we seem to win when I charge in, so :man_shrugging: )


I’d nominate DmonDiff personally. I like D.Va, but I’m not big on serious discussions about her balance (mostly because I’m tired of the same arguments for and against her).


When people start talking smack about lucio i will burn this form you will see real 10 page essays about lucio so help me. The reason i argue for genji is because this form lies out their behind about almost everything about the hero and then prosed to think they reaper is some how harder then genji to master

If yer winnin, yer doin it right :muscle:

I would greatly prefer a Rein who actually gets things done like that than one that goes AFK at the choke with RMB taped down all game

But you bring so much fun and humor to the forums :sob: Balance discussions are just one potential aspect of being a representative

Really starting to consider making an exception here and just putting you both up there on the list together


I’m pretty sure a rapier is more difficult than Genji, or any Overwatch hero for that matter, to master. One requires just your fingers, the other your entire body and a considerable expenditure of energy.

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Ya sorry english is my 3rd language

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Whete is KirikoDiff when you need them?

Artistimo or whatever they were called just to do alittle bit of trolling :crazy_face:


Literally just to spite artismo im right behind you.

Thanks for my spot!


When I find it necessary to respond to anything regarding Symmetra, I usually don’t have to bother typing out a response because Ranulf has beaten me to it and can articulate information in regards to her playstyle, numbers, etc that doesn’t require any further input on my part.


Ironically my actual main is still Baptiste, lifeweaver just requires so much like more thinking and execution into his playstyle especially with how much he has in his kit that requires planning.

Baptiste was my main since he released waaay back in ow1 on his very first day I’ve mained baptiste since release and still main him today.

Anything I could say or do about baptiste has been said I’ve already explored and can do myself anyways, compared to lifeweaver baptiste is reaallly straightforward.

Plus Baptiste isn’t as misunderstood as lifeweaver is like everyone understands Baptiste pretty much.

But lifeweaver is definitely my second main at least as far as support is concerned.