CTF end game voicelines are wrong


I dint know if it’s across all platforms but the last 30 seconds of a match the voicelines are wrong for who’s in the lead. Example

Say you have 2 flags captured on your team and the enemy has 0, last 30 seconds of a match soldier 76 will say:
“Were gonna lose, push the attack!”
but actually we are in the lead.

now vice versa

Say you have 0 flag captures and the enemy has 2, last 30 seconds you will hear:
“Just hold out a little longer and we win” when actually if we dont get flags were gonna lose.

This bug has been in for a long time now and needs to be fixed.

Anyone else notice this but me?

(Tom Powers) #2

Thank you for looking out GhostPants, we’ll investigate this. :+1:

If you come across anything else you suspect might be a bug, please share it here.


I’m pretty sure this thread deserves an answer more than any other talking about crowd control. Thanks for letting us know you’re listening to the most important feedback.

CTF Voicelines was indeed one of the highest priority to answer right now.


n i c e



Just for the record, this is a thing in all modes, not just Capture the Flag.


Yeah, it’s not like they can work on more than one thing at a time or anything.