🚩 CTF Blitz feels AMAZING!

This is exactly the frenetic variant this game mode needed in order to PUSH players to STOP CAMPING their own flag and START RUSHING THE OPPOSITION! The positioning of the flags makes it so that players can clearly see their goal in relation to the opposition’s which makes it all the more obvious, excellent, and desirable to either displace/fight the enemy or just spam abilities until you can cap flags!

This is the capture the flag mode I love. This is equally structured and chaotic. This is what good game mode design looks like. The pacing is so fast that there’s no “feelsbad” moments when your flags are capped because you can just give it right back to them!

I know what I’ll be playing for the next three weeks. Any chance of us getting a competitive point per win in this mode (or maybe one for each flag captured?)

if you guys really want to, we can also discuss blitz meta in this thread. Lucio is blitz meta. So is Genji on ilios ruins…


My game’s still downloading the update, is it just normal CTF but out in the open and super close together?

Flags are positioned in a manner identical to sudden death.
Flag return time is halved. Flag unlock time after dropping is halved. Nearly Instant respawns. Flags unlock speed after capture is not affected.

Torb and Sombra are broken levels of op in this mode.


I’ve yet to play it. What makes them op?

update: i love it!!!

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Most flags are not located by health packs, and those that are can be hacked. Torb can basically nit on everything and win by virtue of people don’t pay attention when they bum rush the flag.

I Just wish that the matchmaker would put the semi-organized players on my team. I keep getting poor ctf players on my team until backfills come in

It’s super fast paced and gets the adrenaline pumping I LOVE IT


Eh I prefer classic ctf


I also forgot to mention that walking speed is boosted for 7 seconds after respawning for quicker returns.

All ctf maps are sniper heavens though so if you just play widow and stand on the sidelines you’ll get about 15-30 kills per game as players run back from spawn or just bum rush flags.

In my most recent game on Busan sanctuary, a Widowmaker got play of the game by just aiming at our flag and headshotting everything that jumped down from the ledge. He did this the entire game and didn’t change positions more than twice. All angles he took were centered on our flag.

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from what i understand, you must have lucio for speed boost, which is lame

Are we playing 2 completely different modes?

Cuz CTF Blitz is just a Steamroll fest where if you don’t have Mei, Sombra or Lucio you pretty much lost the game from the word “Go”

And it’s pretty much impossible to properly reset your defenses after everyone dies and the flag is captured


Meh, I can see the appeal… but the matches for me at least are always one sided. One team completely wrecks the other…


For as much as this applies, he gets hella farmed by any Sombra/Torb combo. Lucio also does not boast enough healing to keep up with the concentrated damage so more support is necessary.

We’re definitely playing on two different platforms (I’m on Xbox), and different prestige brackets. Maybe different elo brackets too.

All of my blitz games have been filled with mostly diamonds and masters with a rare smattering of plats in some games. I literally have not seen a single border prestige below silver with at least a couple of stars yet in my games. It’s all gold borders, “platinum” borders, and silver borders.

You’ll have to do some wreckage of your own to be matched into a more fair lobby. I didn’t start getting better games until I capped all 6 flags as Mei in one match.

Complete opposite for me, I absolutely hate it.
Teammates don’t even coordinate with you whilst the enemy team seem to be pro level.


i’ve had success as rein

swing swing swing swing swing swing

fun mode, feels like you actually make an impact on a quick to respond game results

definitely the most fun mode added recently!!, its got a mayhem vibe to it, and i like it


Yeah, the only way to make this mode more insane would be to allow all abilities with the flag.

That would basically be CTF: Total Mayhem Edition


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That’s not true, when people start to repick or play better, it’s getting hotter

I really loved it too. Better than current comp tbh. I always liked ctf, but this one is just perfect


Braindead DPS mains that think they’re playing deathmatch, leavers, people who afk in spawn…

What’s not to love about this gamemode? /s

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I had no idea there was an update, I’ll need to try it out when I get a chance.

Is it live or PTR?

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