CTF Achievement Spray Bug


I’m playing on ps4 and I’ve killed many who were holding the flag and never got the reaper spray :confused:


Same issue, I already got the achievements weeks ago, and I can’t get them anymore, nor the sprays.


Anybody got this fixed? Because the even is ending and nothing :frowning:


Nope I still have my achievements unlocked and I redid the requirements numerous times this event and still no sprays. You’d think they’d keep us updated on the situation but they only addressed it once almost 3 weeks ago.


These are still glitched on console. Blizzard clearly doesn’t care sadly.


I got this tweet reply from devs a couple days ago


I completed the achievement after Lunar New Years got out and still didn’t get the spray. LOL


Thanks for the info Its much appreciated


I just completed the requirements for both achievements on PS4 and haven’t gotten any sprays (I also don’t know where to check to show I have indeed met the requirements aside from the highlights from the game) will I eventually get the sprays?


It’s incredible to see that Blizzard don’t care at all about this bug on Overwatch.
He’s here since 3 or 4 weeks now on PS4 and i did the achievements many times, i didn’t get the sprays…

OW Team : We have to fix this bug before the lunar new year event start.
Blizzard : OWL Season 2 is coming, guys.
OW Team : We fix it later.