CTF Achievement Spray Bug


Same issue here. Hope Blizzard does something.


Bumping this! Please fix it Blizzard :heart:


I got both achievements before I am looked out of both.


I have the same problems. Guys,solve it please!!!


yea i have the same problem


I completed a cute spray achievement in ranked ctf after the evet started but still cant get my spray.


same i hope they fix this


i want reaper spray so badly


i have this problame too


The same problem here :frowning: I hope they will solve this…


I was playing game on PS4 and I got a spray “captured flag” and “interrupted delivery” on map CTF:BUSAN. After that I start playing competitive CTF 2019 to unlock spray and icon by completing placement matches. But nothing, icon stay locked and a spray as well.


@mArLaSiNger The captured flag and interrupted delivery sprays you get as soon as you finish the achievements. Competitive CTF sprays and icons are awarded at the end of the competitive CTF season.


Ok, thank you for your time and answer.


I have the same problem except that I got both of mine on the day the event started but the achievements didn’t pop until I logged back in the next day.

Then event though it says I have both the achievements, the sprays are still locked. Hopefully this will be fixed soon. This was all on xbox btw.


I have the same problem


I looked again about sprays and icon, and I’m not sure that I earned them after the competition is over. It says earn this rewards by participating. When I select the icon under the spray it shows “unlocked by completing competitive capture the flag 2019 placement matches”. I finish all placement matches. In earlier similar competitive mode it was unlocked after the placement matches. But for sprays and icon after the season it strictly says “you can earn the following rewards at the and of the season by participating in competitive play”.
Maybe I’m wrong about this, but in previous competition mode it worked fine.


The problem has been fixed for me !! Thank you so much for your hard work Blizzard !


I’m having this issue as well i would really love to have the Reaper spray : (
I hope i can still get the sprays and they can fix it


I have the same issue on PS4 :c


On the PS4, just captured all 3 flags for my team, still no spray.